Carbon-Fiber Keyboard is built for durability.

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InduDur(TM) combines lightweight, carbon-fiber front panel with non-removable, stainless steel keycaps and optional 38 mm, epoxy resin trackball. Available in compact web design or with trackball for Internet terminals, IP65-rated data input system is intended for public access applications such as service terminals, kiosks, vending machines, and point-of-information consoles. Carbon material is offered in mat carbon black, high-gloss carbon silver, and high-gloss carbon black finishes.

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InduDur(TM) World's First Carbon-Fiber Keyboard

InduKey®, the global leader in industrial input solutions, is proud to announce the extension of its innovative line of InduKeyboards with the introduction of InduDur(TM) - the world's first carbon-fiber keyboard for applications that require a high degree of durability. InduDur(TM)'s innovative design combines a lightweight carbon-fiber front panel with stainless steel keycaps and an optional epoxy resin trackball at an outstanding value.

The InduDur(TM)'s front-panel features the extreme durability of carbon fiber construction without the weight penalty of stainless steel keyboards. The carbon material is available in three attractive finishes: mat carbon black, high-gloss carbon silver and high-gloss carbon black.

The InduDur(TM) is fitted with non-removable stainless steel keycaps. These specially formed keycaps have a rim that extends below the carbon front panel so that the keycaps cannot be pried loose from the top of the keyboard.

The optional 38mm trackball is made from durable epoxy resin to resist dimpling that adversely affects the operation of stainless steel trackballs. The InduDur(TM) keyboard is available in a compact web design or with trackball for internet terminals.

InduDur(TM) keyboards are data input systems intended for public access applications such as service terminals, kiosks, vending machines, point-of-information consoles, and any application that requires a high degree of durability. When properly installed InduDur(TM) keyboards reach an IP rating of 65, i.e., they are protected against frontal impact spray water.

InduKey®'s input technology options include mechanical keyswitches, gold-on-gold contact metal dome, silicone membrane, short- or long-travel keys and resistive touchscreens. Of course, any of these technologies can be combined with additional input technologies, components and pointing devices.

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