Carbon-Based Coating has high hardness rating.

Press Release Summary:

Diamond-like BALINIT® TRITON, for machining aluminum alloys and other non-ferrous metals, has hardness rating of over 2,500 HV 0.05 and low coefficient of friction (against dry steel: 0.1 to 0.2). With temperatures up to 660°F at cutting edge, adhesion-reducing properties of product prevent material adherence to tool. Coating is suitable for drilling, reaming, milling, turning, recessing, and tapping applications, and also suits polycarbonates, and other plastic materials.

Original Press Release:

Balzers, Inc. Introduces New Diamondlike Carbon Coating

BALINIT® TRITON is a new carbon based high performance DLC coating developed by Balzers for machining non-ferrous metals, especially aluminum alloys. The outstanding characteristics of the coating provide significant productivity gains. Its high hardness (over 2,500 HV 0.05), combined with a low coefficient of friction (against dry steel: 0.1 to 0.2) and low surface roughness, makes BALINIT® TRITON an ideal tool coating for drilling, reaming, milling, turning, recessing and tapping of non-ferrous metals. BALINIT® TRITON also delivers impressive results in machining of plastic material, particularly polycarbonate.

With temperatures of up to 660° F at the cutting edge, the adhesion reducing properties along with its low coefficient of friction, BALINIT® TRITON prevents materials adherence to the tool. Built up edges are no longer an issue. This results in improved productivity, higher surface quality and better dimensional accuracy of the work pieces. BALINIT® TRITON even allows dry machining, an economically and ecologically sound option.

Balzers is the leading global supplier of coatings, which decisively improve the performance and service lives of metalworking tools as well as precision components and plastics processing tools. Balzers develops coating technologies, markets coating systems and turnkey production lines, and offers coating services through its dynamically growing network of 48 current coating centers in Europe, America and Asia.


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