Carbide Tipped Band Saw Blades feature steel backer.

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Available in 1, 1¼, and 1½ in. sizes, M-Factor CH Blades are engineered for cutting case hardened materials, while M-Factor GP Blades handle general purpose cutting of carbon steels and stainless steels. Made of sub-micron grade carbide, blades feature triple chip tooth profile and are available in variety of band widths and thicknesses.

Original Press Release:

New M-FACTOR By Morse® Carbide Tipped Band Saw Blades from the M. K. Morse Company

CANTON, OH -- The M-FACTOR By Morse® carbide tipped band saw blade product line from The M. K. Morse Company has expanded to include the new M-Factor CH and M-Factor GP blades. The M-Factor CH is engineered for optimal cutting performance on case hardened materials while the M-Factor GP design tackles common cutting of carbon steels and stainless steels. These two new blades join the previously introduced M-Factor AF aluminum foundry blade which cuts tough abrasive applications such as aluminum castings, composite materials and non-ferrous metals. With all the M-Factor By Morse carbide tipped blades, the cutting results are a dramatic increase in productivity and blade life while reducing change over and down time cost.

The newest 1" (27mm), 1-1/4" (34mm), and 1-1/2" (41mm) M-FACTOR CH and GP carbide tipped bands are tough blades engineered with a high performance steel backer. These blades accept higher speeds and heavier feed forces required in carbide tipped band applications. Fast cutting, smooth finish and long service life are immediate benefits provided by the triple chip tooth profile. The M-FACTOR By Morse blades are available in a variety of band widths and thicknesses.

About The M. K. Morse Company

For over forty-five years M. K. Morse has been providing professional quality products and dependable service. M. K. Morse offers a wide range of hand tool and power tool accessories, including hole saws, reciprocating saw blades, jig saw blades, mandrels, portable band saw blades and hack saw blades, as well as industrial quality band saw blades and metal cutting circular saw blades. M. K. Morse products are readily available from contractor and industrial supply houses worldwide. For more information, contact The M. K. Morse Company, P.O. Box 8677, Canton, OH 44711, telephone (330) 453-8187 or visit our booth at the IMTS 2010 Show.

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