Carbide End Mill suits aluminum applications.

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Tri-Power Ski-Carb 3-flute carbide end mill facilitates chip evacuation, enabling operator to increase chip-load-per-flute to 1.3-l.6x that of 2-flute tool. The 45° helix is suited for both finishing and roughing applications.

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Weldon Tool Introduces Tri-Power Ski-Carb(TM) High-Performance Carbide End Mills

MILLERSBURG, PA - Weldon Tool, a manufacturer of high-performance cutting tools, has introduced a new series of end mills in premium carbide. The new series is the Tri-Power Ski-Carb(TM) Series.

Tri-Power Ski-Carb is a patented and patent pending, 3-flute premium carbide end mill designed for aluminum applications. It is the sister tool to the patented Weldon 2-flute Ski-Carb. The new Tri-Power flute form achieves dramatically enhanced chip evacuation. The improved chip flow permits the operator to increase chip-load-per-flute to 1.3x-l .6x that of a conventional 2-flute tool. The increased chip load, combined with the additional flute, can deliver machine productivity improvements of 100%-300%. Additionally, the 45-degree helix offers a superior finish, as well as impressive performance in roughing. The Tri-Power Ski-Carb has achieved significant cycle time reduction in test after test.

The Weldon Tool product line consists of a wide range of cutting tools, including end mills, countersinks, counterbores and more. The company is well-known for its high standards of quality and for a tradition of innovation in the cutting tool industry.

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