Carbide Drills handle high-silicon aluminum and difficult cuts.

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Sculptured Edge (SE) 256 drills, with 2 margins per flute, are suitable for irregular exits, cross-holes, and interrupted cuts. Diameters range from .1563-.7580 in. and 5-16 mm in Grade KC7015. Type SE 731 and SE 732 drill and chamfer in one pass prior to tapping. They are offered in tap sizes from 8-32 to 7/8-14, in cutting depths of 3 and 4 times diameter, and apply 45° chamfer. Type TXD drills include polycrystalline diamond tip (PCD), and are offered in 5-14 mm sizes.

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New Generation Carbide Drills Handle Intersecting Holes, High Silicon Aluminum, Chamfers

Latrobe, Pennsylvania, USA (October 23, 2002) -- Kennametal has introduced several new solid carbide Dynapoint drills that handle intersecting holes and other difficult cuts, high silicon aluminum, and drill and chamfer in a single operation. Sculptured Edge (SE) 256 drills have two margins per flute, providing the stability needed to handle inclined planes and intersecting holes. SE 731 and SE 732 drills can drill and chamfer in a single pass prior to tapping to reduce cycle time and increase productivity. TXD drills include a polycrystalline diamond tip (PCD) to provide dramatic improvements in cutting speed and tool life on high silicon aluminums due to margin-to-margin PCD. "These new drills round out our line by providing significant performance improvements in a number of specific applications," said Allen Poponick, Product Manager for Kennametal.

SE 256 drills feature a new double margin design that provides additional stability that makes the new drills suitable for irregular exits, cross holes, and interrupted cuts. "The new drills actively cut metal over the full distance from the center of the hole to the outer diameter, providing a self-centering capability that produces very consistent, concentric holes even with high depth-to-diameter ratios," Poponick said. SE 256 drills are designed for drilling plain carbon steel, alloy steel, and gray and ductile cast irons. They are available in inch sizes from .1563" to .7580" and in metric sizes from 5,0 mm to 16,0 mm in Grade KC7015, a titanium nitride coating material with a 9.5% cobalt substrate.

SE731 and SE732 drills can drill and chamfer traditional inch and metric tap holes in a single pass. They are offered in traditional tap sizes from 8-32 to 7/8-14 in cutting depths of three and four times their diameter and apply a 45-degree chamfer. They are also available in grade KC7015 and are designed for cutting plain carbon steel, alloy steel and gray and ductile cast irons. These drills also feature the patented SE point that actively cuts metal over the full distance from the center to the outer diameter of the drill. The result is that these drills produce very consistent concentric holes with lower cutting forces. "The new drill's flute design tightly curls chips and moves them up and out of the hole, further reducing cutting forces and making it possible to operate at elevated feeds and speeds," Poponick said.

PCD-tipped TXD drills are especially designed to provide high performance in machining aluminum with a silicon content of higher than 12%. These new drills also provide excellent performance on free machining aluminum alloys as well as abrasive non-ferrous materials. The PCD tip extends through the center of the cutting edge for maximum wear resistance. Extra large coolant holes deliver maximum coolant volume to flush chips and reduce heat, producing better surface finishes and longer tool life. The new drills are offered in metric sizes from 5,0 mm to 14,0 mm in DIN regular length with grade KD1415 diamond tips.

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