Car Wash Reclaim System recycles all collected water.

Press Release Summary:

Hydrokleen only requires fresh water required in final clear water rinse, which removes all evidence of recycled water from vehicle. Combination of biological and mechanical filtration optimizes water quality and minimizes maintenance requirements. Also, system does not require large in-ground water storage tanks to operate.

Original Press Release:

Car Wash Reclaim System Recycles All Collected Water

Hydro Engineering Inc. has developed a car wash reclaim system that recycles 100% of all collected wash water. The only fresh water required in the wash application is the final clear water rinse. The spot free final rinse removes all evidence of recycled water from the vehicle.

The Hydrokleen car wash reclaim systems combine both biological filtration and mechanical filtration which provides superior water quality while reducing maintenance requirements. They do not require large in ground water storage tanks to operate and when designed into a new facility, the elimination of ground pits can be a substantial money savings.

There are two (2) components at work in the Hydrokleen car wash reclaim system; 1. Biological 2. Mechanical

What does biological filtration do in a car wash reclaim application?
  • Biological filtration will remove organics and organic chemicals. Many soaps and waxes are organic and will be consumed by Hydro Engineering, Inc. Hydro Biodigesters.
  • Biological filtration will reduce or eliminate the hydrocarbons that are present in all car wash effluent. This bacterial consumption occurs not only in the car wash reclaim water, the media beds within the filtration system, but also in the wash bays keeping them virtually hydrocarbon free.
  • Hydro Biodigesters will eliminate odor by consuming the food sources of naturally occurring bacteria that create odors. Hydro Biodigesters completely eliminate car wash reclaim water stink.

    What does mechanical filtration do in a car wash reclaim application?
  • Mechanical filtration remove the solids in the wash water along with any solids left behind from the biological treatment.
  • Mechanical filtration acts fast. Hydro Engineering Inc's design of car wash reclaim systems uses back flushing filter media beds. These immediately remove solids, chlorides, organics and hydrocarbons from the captured recycled wash water. These media beds become virtually self cleaning as the Hydro Biodigesters find a home within them and continually consume all organics and hydrocarbons that the media has absorbed..

    This Hydro Engineering Inc. Hydrokleen system has been installed in Bob Fuhr's Carriage House Car Wash in Murietta California. Attached is Mr. Furh's description of what the Hydrokleen system did for him in his 8 bay hand held car wash. It's difficult to conceive of a car wash not connected to a sewer, but it can happen. Mr. Fuhr said "They wanted to charge me $100,000 for a sewer connection. I said I don't need a sewer conneciton, I'm, buying a reclaim system."

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