Car Batteries are vibration resistant and long lasting.

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Suited for performance duty in import cars, D51 and D51R YellowTop® batteries feature spill-proof, deep-cycle design. With its exact fit side terminal design, RedTop® Group 78 will fit all GM platforms with active cooling box and offers single-point venting for under-seat applications. Both maintenance-free battery types, mountable in almost any position, utilize SPIRALCELL® Technology for vibration resistance and repetitive reserve capacity (discharge/recharge cycles).

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New Battery Sizes from OPTIMA® Fit More than 11 Million Additional Cars

YellowTop(R) Group 51 and RedTop(R) Group 78 join the Extensive OPTIMA Batteries Family

MILWAUKEE, Aug. 25 -- According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), millions of motorists are stranded every year with dead or underperforming car batteries, mostly due to the breakdown of the lead-alloy plates inside. OPTIMA(R) Batteries combat this disadvantage with patented SPIRALCELL(R) Technology, allowing them to last up to two times longer than their flat-plate counterparts.

OPTIMA recently announced the release of the Group 51 and Group 78 sizes making these high-performance batteries available to more motorists. These new sizes will fit 11 million additional cars on the road, bringing increased security to a greater number of drivers.

YellowTop(R) Group 51

OPTIMA Batteries recently introduced the D51 and D51R YellowTop(R) batteries for performance duty in many import cars, including Honda and Acura models. This spill-proof, deep-cycle battery provides performance-craving drivers with the repetitive power they need in a compact, lightweight package.

"OPTIMA batteries' technology makes them up to 15 times more vibration resistant than traditional batteries, enabling them to endure much more abuse without their components breaking down," said Cam Douglass, Director of Sales for OPTIMA. "Plus, they have a much longer repetitive reserve capacity, which means they can withstand significantly more discharge/recharge cycles and still deliver plenty of power to start your engine."

RedTop(R) Group 78

The new Group 78 RedTop(R) is the latest addition to the OPTIMA product family. With its exact fit side terminal design, the Group 78 will fit all GM platforms with an active cooling box that were previously not covered by the group 34/78 model. In addition to the new terminal locations, the Group 78 will include single-point venting for under-seat applications.

SPIRALCELL(R) Technology

SPIRALCELL Technology, proprietary to OPTIMA, allows for low internal resistance. Decreased internal resistance, along with the completely sealed case, is the key to their unparalleled high-power delivery, increased cycle life and fast recharge capability.

The new Group 51 YellowTop and Group 78 RedTop batteries add to an already extensive line of OPTIMA Batteries. Also in the OPTIMA family are the BlueTop(R) deep-cycle, starting marine batteries.

OPTIMA's proprietary technology provides the following advantages over traditional lead acid batteries:

-- Up to 2x longer life
-- More than 15x the vibration resistance
-- Completely spill-proof, mountable in almost any position
-- Maintenance free
-- Faster recharging capabilities
-- Optimal starting power, regardless of temperature

The OPTIMA Group 51 and Group 78 batteries are now available through leading battery distributors internationally. Consumers should look for the unique colored top and six-pack design that OPTIMA is known for throughout the world. For the nearest retailer, consumers also can call 1-888-8OPTIMA (1-888-867-8462) or visit

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