Capping Clutches From Warner Electric Improve Quality And Increase Productivity

The Problem

One of the most common consumer complaints in the beverage industry has been:
"I can't get the cap off". Putting the cap onto a bottle of soda (or water, or juice)
is a balancing act. The cap must be on tight enough to keep in carbonation and
keep out bacteria. It must also be not so tight that the consumer can not get the
bottle open.

The Solution

The Warner Electric Capping Clutch is meeting the needs of the
industry to improve the capping process. A capping clutch is designed
to screw the cap onto the bottle and tighten to a pre set
torque level and then slip. In addition, the Warner Electric Capping
Clutch provides downward force (via the top spring) to push
the cap down onto the threaded neck of the bottle.

The Warner Electric unit provides a more consistent level of torque than other
capping clutch designs. Further, setting the proper levels of torque and downward
force are easier due to the visual scales built into the clutch.

By design, clutch provides longer life in side by side operation when compared to
other capping designs. In addition to longer life, the cost to rebuild the Warner
Electric design is significantly lower than competitor's units.

The Warner Electric Capping Clutch is rapidly becoming the industry standard.
Why? Warner Electric provides a reliably more consistent tightening torque, ease
of set up, longer life and greater ease of rebuild. There are direct drop-in replacements available for most commonly used capping clutches. That means it is easy
for customers to upgrade to the Warner Electric design easily and without machine
modification. Truly a win-win situation.

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