Capillary Columns work at high temperatures.

Press Release Summary:

ValcoBond® Capillary Columns operate at high temperature limits to enhance column bake out, reducing sample carryover and cycle times. Liquid phase processing produces low bleed characteristics while maintaining retention characteristics identical to standard phases. Processes can be combined with automated deactivation, coating, curing, bonding and crosslinking.

Original Press Release:

ValcoBond(R) Capillary Columns

ValcoBond® Capillary Columns from VICI are individually tested, have high temperature limits and produce low bleed characteristics. Proprietary automated processes allow VICI to manufacture the highest quality capillary column at the lowest cost.

Each column receives individual rigorous testing to insure that columns meet the highest quality standards for resolution, retention characteristics, inertness, bleed and reproducibility.

Our unique processing allows us to produce columns exhibiting higher upper temperature limits. These improved upper temperature limits enhance column "bake out", reducing sample carry-over and cycle times.

ValcoBond uses proprietary liquid phase processing to produce low bleed characteristics while maintaining identical retention characteristics to the phases you are used to. These processes combined with proprietary automated deactivation, coating, curing, bonding and crosslinking produce MS-certified bleed characteristics equal to the best.

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