Capillary bonds thicker wires in fine pitch uses.

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CIC (Contained Inner Chamfer) capillary contains additional gold generated from free air ball during bonding in its inner chamfer. Device reduces production of large ball diameters and enables use of thicker wire bonding for UFP applications of 50 µm and below, reducing wire sweeps and short failures. Capillary supports UFP processes with maximized ball-on pad accuracy, higher ball shear, and consistent distribution of inter-metallic coverage.

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New Capillary from Kulicke & Soffa Increases Production Yields, Device Reliability in Ultra Fine Pitch Applications

K&S' New CIC Capillary Enables Use of Thicker Wires in UFP Processes Willow Grove, PA (May 19, 2003) -Kulicke & Soffa Industries, Inc. (K&S) has developed a new capillary that permits the use of thicker wires in fine pitch and ultra fine pitch (UFP) applications for improved production yields and bonding performance. Designed with an innovative inner configuration, K&S' new CIC (Contained Inner Chamfer) capillary contains most of the additional gold generated from a free air ball during bonding in its inner chamfer, instead of allowing the gold to exceed the bond pad area during the first bond formation. By reducing the production of large ball diameters, the CIC capillary enables the use of thicker wire bonding for UFP applications (50 um and below), reducing the problem of wire sweeps and short failures associated with thinner wires. "Large wire diameters allow for better wire looping control, higher bond strength and better long-term bond reliability," explains Dr. Ilan Hadar, K&S vice president of Materials Business Units. "By allowing the use of thicker wires in UFP applications, the CIC process solution improves wire bonding process yield and performance." The K&S CIC capillary supports the latest UFP processes (50 um and below), while offering a proven mass production capillary solution. It allows for better process portability by achieving a more robust wire bonding process window. Other significant benefits of the CIC capillary include: o Maximized ball-on pad accuracy which is critical to UFP applications where BPO over Pitch is slighter greater and bond pads are closer o Higher ball shear for improved bonding performance o Consistent distribution of the inter-metallic coverage (>75%) for reduced pad peeling and pad cratering "The CIC solution is a proven application, testing and implemented on various UFP applications, both on customers site in mass production and in massive lab tests," states Hadar. "It is the only capillary on the market that overcomes the problems of wire sways and leaning wires when dealing with 45 µm pad pitch applications and below." Kulicke & Soffa (Nasdaq: KLIC) is the world's leading supplier of semiconductor assembly and test interconnect equipment, materials and technology. We offer unique wire bonding solutions, combining wafer dicing and wire bonding equipment with saw blades, die collets, wire and capillaries. Flip chip solutions include wafer bumping services and technology. Chip scale and wafer level packaging solutions include Ultra CSP® technology. Test interconnect solutions include standard and vertical probe cards, ATE interface assemblies and ATE boards for wafer testing, as well as test sockets and contactors for all types of packages. Kulicke & Soffa's web site address is

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