Capacitor Accelerometer suits navigation applications.

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Available in 5 x 5 x 1.2 mm DFN plastic package, Model KXR94 can be programmed to ±1 g range on all 3 axes. It also features low noise density, reducing double integration errors. RoHS compliant unit consumes less than 1 mA at 3.3 V, and can be factory programmed to accept supply voltages from 2.5-5.25 V and sensitivity from ±1 to 5 g. Suited for consumer electronics and automotive applications, it is fabricated utilizing capacitance-based technology and plasma-micromachining process.

Original Press Release:

Kionix's KXR94 Makes Navigation a "Walk in the Park"

Ithaca, New York - Wednesday, June 11, 2007 - Kionix, Inc., a global leader in
the design and manufacture of MEMS inertial sensors, announced today the availability
of its highest-performing accelerometer product, the KXR94.

Eric Eisenhut, Vice President for Sales and Marketing, indicates, "This new sensor
surpasses the excellent specifications of our high-performing KXM52 series. The
KXR94 has appreciably less drift over temperature, which minimizes application errors.

Additionally, it can be programmed to a ±1g range on all three axes, providing the best resolution for electronic compass tilt correction. It also features very low noise density at on all three axes, which reduces double integration errors for customers who are using the part for dead reckoning. The performance of the KXR94 over temperature makes it the best tri-axis choice on the market for navigation applications."

The KXR94 series of parts is delivered in an industry-standard, DFN, plastic package
measuring 5x5x1.2mm. The part is distinguished further by its multiplexed analog or
digital SPI interface, current consumption typically less than 1mA at 3.3V, and an
internal low pass filter on all three outputs to reduce any high-frequency vibrational

The KXR94 is completely pin compatible with Kionix's KXM52, making it a simple, dropin
replacement part. At the same time, customers will benefit from the reduction in
package height from 1.8mm to 1.2mm.

This RoHS compliant sensor may be factory programmed to accept supply voltages from
2.5 to 5.25V and sensitivity from ±1 to 5g. It is fabricated utilizing Kionix's highperformance, capacitance-based technology and proprietary plasma-micromachining
process. This deep-silicon, reactive ion etching (DRIE) technology has enabled Kionix
to create a high-performance accelerometer that meets the novel requirements of both
advanced consumer electronics and automotive applications.

About Kionix
Kionix, founded in 1993, is located in Ithaca, New York, USA. The Company pioneered
high-aspect-ratio, silicon micromachining based on original research conducted at
Cornell University, and has earned a global reputation for excellence in MEMS product
design, process engineering and manufacturing. Inertial sensor innovations developed
by Kionix are used today in a wide range of applications including hard disk drive
protection, computer and video gaming, GPS-assist, sports diagnostics and vehicle
stability among others. The Company offers the industry's broadest family of MEMS
inertial sensors including single-, dual-, and tri-axis accelerometers, gyroscopes and
unique combination sensors. Kionix's MEMS products are used in diverse industries
such as automotive, consumer electronics and biotechnology. Kionix is ISO9001:2000
and TS16949 registered.

Kionix, Inc.
36 Thornwood Drive
Ithaca, New York 14850
(607) 257-1080
Jeanette P. Shady
Director, External Communications

This robust sensor is characterized by outstanding performance with excellent offset
stability over temperature making it the best sensor choice for the most demanding
consumer electronics, industrial, or automotive applications.

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