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Capacitive Controller features flexible, modular design.

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Capacitive Controller features flexible, modular design.

Dec 31, 2012 - Ethernet-enabled capaNCDT 6220 controller is used for non-contact displacement, distance, and position measurement. Expansion is possible via maximum of 4 measurement channels that can be added/removed by user without loss of performance. Intended for capacitive sensors, flexible product is operated via Web interface, designed as benchtop unit, and can be mounted to wall using top-hat rail. Capacitive displacement sensors can be connected to unit without any additional calibration.

Original Press Release

Capacitive Controller with a Modular Design

Press release date: Dec 01, 2012

Micro-Epsilon presents the new capaNCDT 6220 controller for capacitive sensors, developed for non-contact displacement, distance and position measurement, which can be enlarged by a maximum of 4 measurement channels. The additional channels can be added or removed by the user without any loss of performance or operation of the software. The new controller has an Ethernet interface; operation is effected via web interface. The flexibility of the controller is supported by various installation options. The standard product is designed as a benchtop unit: it can be mounted to the wall using a top-hat rail.

As is the case with previous versions, all capacitive displacement sensors from Micro-Epsilon can be connected to the controller without any additional calibration. In order to improve the accuracy of measurement results, custom characteristics can be stored.

The new capaNCDT 6220 capacitive controller is used for the measurement of thickness, tilt angle and vibrations such as brake disc inspection applications.