Cantilever Sensor works in air or fluids.

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Scentris(TM) sensor array, for commercial applications, uses cantilever surface coated with material that has selective affinity for given target substance. When target substance encounters cantilever, it generates mechanical signal that bends or changes resonance frequency of cantilever. Single sensor can be coated to detect array of different chemical agents. It measures cantilever deflections in nanometers and measures sub-hertz resonant frequency shifts up to 1 MHz.

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Santa Barbara, CA, March 8, 2002 - Veeco Metrology Group has announced the release of the Scentris(TM) cantilever sensor array research platform for science and industry. This powerful research tool will enable new discoveries to be made in the developing field of chemical sensor applications, with strong potential for advances in defense and security, clinical diagnostics, drug development, quality control, aroma analysis, and water/air quality monitoring.

"With its ability to sense in air or fluids, the Scentris offers a very flexible platform for investigation," explains Dr. Craig Prater, project manager. "It can be easily customized for different applications, and a single sensor can be coated to detect an array of different chemical agents." Veeco scientist, Dr. Marko Baller adds, "Up to this point, researchers have had to rely on home-built instruments. By making the Scentris available commercially, we will open up the research opportunities to a wider range of scientists, allowing them to focus on scientific results rather than building tools."

The system works by utilizing a cantilever surface coated with a material that has a selective affinity for a given target substance. When the target substance encounters the cantilever, it generates a mechanical signal that bends or changes the resonance frequency of the cantilever, thereby allowing identification. The current setup uses a high-resolution, laser array--based detection scheme that enables measurement of cantilever deflections down to the nanometer- scale and measures sub-hertz resonant frequency shifts on cantilevers with resonant frequencies up to 1 MHz. The software for the Scentris is written in LabVIEW(TM), permitting the utmost in compatibility and flexibility with external equipment and in experiment set up.

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