Cantilever Electric Linear Actuator operates at up to 3 m/s.

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Suited for multi-axis configurations, toothed belt-driven Model DGEA is available with in-line coupling or integrated right angle gearbox. Slide unit remains stationary while profile moves axially. Motor and cables remain fixed, minimizing moving mass to just load and aluminum profile. Available in 18, 25, and 40 mm sizes, unit offers stroke lengths to 1,000 mm with ±0.05 mm repeatability. Design enables mounting of end effectors directly to profile.

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DGEA Compact Cantilever Electric Linear Actuator

The DGEA cantilever electric linear actuator is a unique design in which the slide unit remains stationary while the profile moves axially. Ideally suited for space-contained multi-axis configurations, the motor and cables are allowed to remain fixed minimizing the moving mass to just the load and the aluminum profile.

DGEA is a toothed belt driven actuator with an internal recirculating ball bearing guide. It comes in two mounting configurations: the basic design with an in-line coupling or with an integrated right angle gearbox.

Enhanced Machine Performance - The DGEA increases overall system dynamics by reducing the effective moving load, resulting in reduced cycle times, energy consumption, and deflection.

Simpler design - The DGEA design affords the direct mounting of the end effectors (such as grippers, rotary drives and vacuum components) directly to the profile as opposed to the traditional method of off-set brackets and adapter plates.

Space Saving - The motor is mounted parallel to the actuator with the integrated right angle gearbox eliminating obstructions and saves on installation space.

Higher System Reliability - The DGEA allows the motor cables to remain stationary eliminating cable fatigue failure thereby increasing system reliability.

Key features:
o Speed - up to 3 m/sec
o Repeatability +/- 0.05 mm
o Stroke lengths up to 1,000 mm
o Available Sizes: 18, 25, and 40mm

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