Canon DSLRs Providing Impetus for Region's Filmmaking Industry, says Nayla Al Khaja

Global shipments of interchangeable lens DSLRs expected to reach 19.5 million units in 2011

Canon Middle East brand ambassador and renowned Emirati filmmaker Nayla Al Khaja expects the demand for Canon DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) cameras in the region to witness further growth with the increasing adoption of high-end DSLRs in filmmaking. This trend complements the global market outlook for the growth of interchangeable lens DSLRs, shipments of which are expected to reach 19.5 million units this year. Industry reports also indicate that the rising demand for digital cameras, especially for DSLRs, is driven by key factors such as demand in emerging markets, growing internet usage and high disposable income.

Highlighting the advantages of Canon DSLRs in filmmaking, Nayla Al Khaja - the UAE's first female film producer - said, "Usually when we film we need two or more trucks to carry all the lights, generators for lights, fuel for generators and trucks, heavy tripods and other necessary equipment for a small production. However, with advanced DSLRs like the Canon 5D and 7D, two people can carry all the equipment which is usually the camera, lenses, chargers, filters, laptop, tripod, and microphone. Even the quality of picture shot with the 5D and 7D are truly top rate, and from a filmmaker's point of view this opens new possibilities, especially for youngsters as they now have easy access to such high-performance cameras."

The DSLR technology pioneered by Canon has changed the motion picture industry and has made it possible for the average person to shoot video with a tight budget. Canon offers advanced filmmaking capabilities through its top-of-the-line DSLRs, which are also renowned for their user-friendly and cost-saving features when used in digital filmmaking.

"Canon cameras are lightweight and are designed for greater mobility, while they also stand out because of important features such as cinematic lens adaptability, colour, latitude and depth of field, which are all perfect for our productions. Some of these features may be found in other DSLRs, but certainly not all in one camera. This shows the commitment of Canon to offer true value to the global filmmaking community as the company makes it a point to understand the specific needs of the filmmakers. Canon has been my favourite brand because of its proactive efforts to support the filmmaking industry, especially the independent filmmakers, through cutting-edge products that allow us to just focus on telling our stories without being burdened by technical challenges," said Nayla Al Khaja.

Canon was the first to introduce Full HD Video Recording through its high-end cameras such as the Canon 7D, 5D Mark II and 1D Mark IV. Moreover, Canon also provides users the option to select different FPS (24, 25, 30 FPS), while allowing the use of different sets of lenses especially with the 5D Mark II, which is a full frame sensor to deliver better dynamic range.

The Canon 5D and 7D are particularly popular among local filmmakers, which has helped further increase the demand for DSLRs. Aside from the multiplicity of features they possess, the 5D and 7D offer unlimited possibilities because of their very small body, which allows users to place them in very creative areas that a bigger camera would not fit into such as between the corridors or two narrow alleys. Filmmakers can also use the cameras in very dynamic angles, just like what Nayla's team did for their last project wherein they put the camera in a small helicopter and flew it over a car to test it with a professional rigging man, bringing about excellent results.
The Canon 5D also performs exceedingly well in low light, while digital color correction can fix most color problems. When filmmakers find the need to use traditional electrical lighting for some projects, they can use small LED lights (daylight and tungsten balanced) that easily fit in the camera bag.

To support the growth of the film industry in the region and promote the use of DSLR as a cost-efficient solution in filmmaking, Canon Middle East has extended support to the BLOOM! Cine Startups initiative, which is being organised by Nayla's company D-SEVEN Motion Pictures. BLOOM! Cine Startups encourages budding filmmakers, especially the youth, to make their first film using Canon DSLR cameras. It caters to independent filmmakers who need to produce high-end films for the best possible price, and aims to create major benefits via a long-term relationship with filmmakers, discovering new talent, and promoting budding filmmakers in the UAE.

About Canon Middle East:

Canon Middle East FZ LLC (CME), a subsidiary of Canon Europe, is the Regional headquarters for Canon in the Middle East and North Africa and is based in Dubai, UAE. Canon has been represented in the Middle East for more than 40 years through distributors and partners which has successfully built a solid customer base and significant market share in the region.

In 1998, Canon set up a representative office in Dubai to help partners deliver even more with additional on-the-ground support. By 2001, Canon had transformed into a full subsidiary with extensive logistics facilities, and in 2002 moved into its spacious new head office at Dubai Internet City, with a rapidly growing staff. As of January 1st, 2005, Canon North Africa S.A.S. (CNA) based in Paris became a 100 per cent owned subsidiary of Canon Middle East and oversees French speaking African countries.

CME today manages sales, marketing and technical support activities across 36 countries; in the Middle East including Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE as well as French speaking African countries.

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