Candy-Couplink: Why Use a Zero Backlash, Flexible Coupling?

Candy Mfg. Co., Inc. introduces Coup-Link, a full line of zero backlash flexible shaft couplings. This new line of precision products includes Beam, Bellows, Jaw, Disc and Oldham type couplings, all available in a variety of mounting options including set screw, keyway, clamp, conical and shrink disc configurations.

If you are looking for a low cost method to prolong the life of power transmission devices then start looking at how drive and load devices are connected. Devices such as motors, reducer, encoders, shafts and other rigid elements should be linked to operate efficiently.

Many times these devices fail prematurely and one of the most common causes of failure is misalignment, which often leads to bearing, shaft or seal failure. Zero backlash, flexible shaft coupling designs have come a long way to accommodate parallel and angular misalignment and shaft endplay.

Properly selecting a Candy Coup-Link provides the flexibility to handle many types of misalignment and may offset problems such as minor design errors or improper assembly.

Please visit our website,, for Coup-Link product information or call Candy today at 847-588-2639 for assistance in selecting the right Coup-Link for your application.

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