Canadian Company Ficodis Launches Cromson Tools

A line of top performing tool tailored to the 650,000 Ontarians in the manufacturing and construction industries

MONTREAL, Aug. 9, 2017 - Ficodis, a leader in the industrial sector and recognized for offering customized services and solution, launches Cromson, a range of top-quality tools with optimized ergonomics to help companies be more efficient and reduce production costs. Cromson is now available to all manufacturing and machining companies in the automotive, aerospace, construction and transportation sectors.

"As a partner of choice, and with 12 points of sales in Quebec and Ontario, we've become much closer to our end-users who rely on us for the solutions we bring as well as our deep understanding of the challenges faced by industrial companies in Canada," says Christophe Bévillard, President of Ficodis. Cromson, our new line of tools, was created in Quebec, to help companies become more productive all while reducing costs."

Cromson includes more than 160 tools and industrial solutions, including pliers, grinding wheels and bits. Products are available with both metric and imperial measurements.

Tools with innovative features

Geared towards professionals who perform repetitive and intensive tasks, Ficodis' new line of products is tailored to meet the needs of its users. Each Cromson tool has unique and innovative features.

Cromson combination pliers, for example, are equipped with an integrated return system for greater flexibility. The ribbed nosepiece allows for secure clamping and comfort even with an extended use. The integrated wire cutter is ideal for cutting hard steel wires.

"Ficodis understands our realities," says Julie Nadeau Roy, team lead at CONTRAST LIGHTING, a company specializing in lighting manufacturing in Lévis, Québec. "Cromson's cutting pliers have an intergrated spring, which lets us work comfortably, and hence be more productive. For those with a smaller hand, and a smaller grip, like female employees, here is an innovative solution because of their size and excellent handling."

The Cromson vise-grip features one-hand tightening and unlocking. In addition to being very safe, it boasts an ergonomic grip for precise and powerful tightening. By marketing a tool with cataphoresis-protected gripper jaws and chrome-plated body, Cromson is offering a product made with high-quality components that also offers the characteristic of being very safe.

Abrasive tools adapted to the Canadian market

Thanks to their high-quality composition, Cromson solutions generate savings over the long term. In the cutting wheel market, for example, the Alpha Cut 01 allows workers on average to make 12% more cuts than the competing brand's wheel in the same category. As a result, savings can total up to 49% on costs per cut.

The revolutionary CROM-BOX smart toolbox system

According to Steve Santos, purchasing manager at Capitol Industries, Cromson's flagship solution is the CROM-BOX smart toolbox system, which optimizes workplace tool management. "Not only are these toolboxes stackable, but they provide a genuine storage and management solution for my employees' tools, with the advantage of a custom-molded foam, fit to the shape of each tool," he says. This revolutionary storage system allows workers to always store tools in their designated place, reducing the risk of forgetting tools on a work site or, worse, inside the products they are assembling or repairing.

Cromson tools are available at the 12 Ficodis Group retailers in Quebec and Ontario. For more information, visit

About Cromson

Cromson is a line of top-quality industrial products and services designed by Ficodis in Quebec and distributed in 12 Ficodis group points of sale in Quebec and Ontario. Inspired by the needs of manufacturing and machining companies, Cromson offers a line of tools as modern as its users. Their ergonomics are optimized to make them lightweight, durable and aesthetically pleasing, and they are available in both metric and imperial measurements.

About Ficodis

Founded in 2010 and based in Montreal, Ficodis is a multi-specialized industrial supply distribution group providing services, technical expertise and products to manufacturing companies and SMEs. Its 12 points of sale in Quebec and Ontario focused on four product families - Tools, Safety, Cutting and Power - are recognized in their regions for the high quality and variety of products offered, their technical expertise and the personalized service and solutions they provide.

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