Canadian Biofeedback Manufacturer Thought Technology, Ltd. to Exhibit Latest Product Line at BFE 20th Meeting in Cardiff, Wales

Representatives from Thought Technology will be on hand at the Biofeedback Federation of Europe 20th Meeting, April 8-13, 2019 in Cardiff, Wales, where attendees can learn about the benefits of biofeedback to overall health.

MONTREAL (PRWEB) DECEMBER 17, 2018 - Thought Technology Ltd. will be exhibiting its full line of psychophysiological monitoring equipment at the BFE 20th Meeting in Cardiff, Wales. Among products on display will be the BioGraph Infiniti product line for use in physical medicine, mental health, education and peak performance, plus the new 360 Suite that offers users a panoramic view of their client’s body systems: respiratory, cardiovascular, central nervous system (CNS), autonomic nervous system (ANS) and muscular.

Health professionals who want to learn about applications of their latest technology are invited to attend a 1-day pre-conference workshop on April 8, 2019 co-instructed by Frank DeGregorio and Mark Schwartz. Participants will be shown how to use different sensors and multimedia biofeedback screens for physiological indicators including Surface Electromyography (SEMG), Respiration, Temperature, Skin Conductance, Electroencephalography (EEG), Heart Rate and Electrocardiology (EKG).

About Frank DeGregorio 
Frank DeGregorio has a Diplome d’Etudes Collegiales (DEC) in Computer Science and Networking and a Certificate as a Programming Analyst. He has over 20 years of experience as technical, network, computer and high-level troubleshooting for Thought Technology. In addition, he has over 12 years of experience teaching BioGraph workshops with Lynda Thompson, Ph.D. and had the opportunity to attend a wide variety of workshops held by clinicians such as Dr. Barry Sterman, Dr. Tanju Surmeli, Dr. Don Moss and Dr. Richard Gevirtz, Dr. Erik Peper and Dr. Vietta Sue Wilson. Frank’s extensive knowledge of all the product software and hardware offered by Thought Technology gives him the unique ability to take participants from installation of the software to using it effectively.

About Mark Schwartz 
Mr. Schwartz has a Bachelor of Science honours degree from Manchester University in England and a Master of Business Administration degree from Laval University in Quebec City, Canada. He has been connected with the BFE since its inception in 1996 and a key figure in promoting biofeedback to the world through professional education and training. He created the Learn from the Best program to enable international experts in the field help newcomers and experienced practitioners in specific biofeedback topics, techniques and software application programs (suites). He was a pioneer in the introduction of live online instruction, webinars, classes and grand rounds/tutorials. More recently, his focus has been on the global expansion of the BFE brand through BFE Centers of Excellence in Asia & Europe.

BFE 20th Meeting 
The Biofeedback Federation of Europe Annual Meeting is an interdisciplinary biofeedback conference to nurture communication and education between specialists from different disciplines.

Biofeedback Federation of Europe 20th Meeting 
Mercure Cardiff Holland House Hotel and Spa 
April 8-13, 2019 – Cardiff, Wales

About Thought Technology Ltd. 
Founded in 1975, Thought Technology is the world's leading biofeedback and physiological instrument manufacturer. Its products are used as an essential part of many therapeutic treatments and clinical assessment protocols in over 85 countries and are used by tens of thousands of clinicians in thousands of medical institutions.

Always supportive of new research and development ideas, Thought Technology Ltd. has encouraged a number of special interest groups and clinicians to create cutting edge applications for its instrumentation. Thought Technology Ltd. equipment is now being used in telemedicine, web-based monitoring and biofeedback, sports training, research in human-machine interface, physiology-driven multimedia environments and virtual reality. Constantly striving to improve the quality of the products and services, TTL has obtained, and maintains, ISO 13485, and CE certification for the organization and products.

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