Camera System performs root-cause analysis of no-reads.

Press Release Summary:

Long-range camera and decoder, AV40002.0, is available with VisionCapture module, which helps analyze packages that are not read by scanners. If box goes under camera and camera gets no-read result, image is sent to VisionCapture's image depot server (IDS) for long-term capture and saving of images from camera. System can save 10 back-to-back no-read images at 600 ft/min, offers up to 1 Tb image data storage space, and can be tied to dimensioner.

Original Press Release:

Accu-Sort® Launches IDS VisionCapture System for Root-Cause Analysis of No-Reads

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. (May 24, 2005) -- Accu-Sort(R) Systems Inc. has launched VisionCapture, an innovative system that can help customers analyze packages that aren't read by scanners.

The module is part of Accu-Sort's newest long-range camera and decoder, the AV40002.0

Andrew Ross, product marketing manager for Accu-Sort, said the system is the only product of its type for long-term capture and saving of images from a camera in the industry. "If a box goes under the camera and the camera gets a no-read, the image is sent to VisionCapture's image depot server (IDS). With any other solution, including lasers, you have no way of knowing why the box did not read. It could be, for example, that the boxes were stacked. Without a diagnostic tool like VisionCapture, you are not able to determine the root cause of a no-read."

The Accu-Sort system can save 10 back-to-back no-read images at 600 feet per minute. It offers up to a terabyte of image data storage space. The system can also be tied into a dimensioner.

"If the package code indicates you are reading letter sized packages, this data can be compared to the data sent from the dimensioner. If there is a discrepancy, the IDS can save the image of the package providing the necessary proof to enable you to back charge the customer for the larger package size rate. You can also use images to verify label quality, a metric vendors use to qualify for lower rates."

In all cases, shippers can use VisionCapture as a diagnostic tool for root-cause analysis of no-reads, allowing them to check content and negotiate for lower costs.

About Accu-Sort

Accu-Sort Systems is a pioneer in reliable auto ID and high-speed compliance solutions with more than three decades of experience deploying and supporting scanning and tracking solutions in distribution, warehousing, manufacturing and retailer environments. The company is also an established provider of convergent RFID and bar code systems with more than 50 RFID installations. 1-877-ASI-RFID or

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