Camera Stabilizer accepts cameras from 8 oz to 5 lb.

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Weighing 12.8 oz, handheld Merlin is constructed with aluminum alloys and stainless steel weights. Balanced on 3-axis inter-gimbaled handle, it provides precise control over range of focal lengths. Folding Caliper hinge extends and retracts to balance cameras. Multi-tapped dovetail plate features 3-position lever that permits rapid camera mounting and removal from micrometer trim stage, coarse balance adjustments while affixed to stage, and positive attachment of camera.

Original Press Release:

Steadicam® Introduces Merlin"¦The Brilliant New Handheld Stabilizer for Camcorders

IBC 2005, Stand 11.241, September 9th-13th - What weighs less than 13 ounces and accepts cameras from 8 oz to 5 lbs? Why, it's Merlin!

Steadicam, a division of The Tiffen Company (Stand 11.241), is truly proud to introduce Merlin, its incredible new ultra lightweight camera stabilizer from the originator of hand-holdable stabilizing systems, Steadicam. Weighing a mere 12.8 oz. (less than a can of your favorite soft drink) and measuring as little as 3.5" x 2" x 11" when folded, Merlin offers unprecedented capabilities.

Merlin is the new choice for videographers shooting multi-media, events, weddings, industrials and documentaries, student or serious enthusiasts who have been searching for a cost effective camera stabilization solution.

Conceived and designed by Garrett Brown, Merlin is crafted of the highest quality materials, utilizing ultra-light, ultra-rigid aluminum alloys and precision stainless steel weights. Balanced on its patented three-axis inter-gimbaled handle, Merlin provides precise control at unprecedented focal lengths, and instantly folds into the most compact "shoulder-mode" ever! The ultralight construction greatly reduces fatigue and lets operators make longer, more elegant shots with longer focal lengths than ever imagined using a hand-held stabilizer.

With camera attached (Sony Handycam HC-32), the Steadicam Merlin weighs only 35 oz, or less than the weight of other hand-holdable systems without camera or weights attached! In fact, with Sony's HDR FX-1 Hi-Def camcorder aboard, Merlin adds only 2.5 lbs, or a total weight of only 6.5 lbs!

Exclusive to Merlin, is its patent pending "Folding Caliper" hinge. The Folding Caliper easily extends and retracts to balance cameras ranging from 8 ounces to a formidable five pounds, yet automatically seeks the true folded position for storage or shoulder mount use and incredibly, returns to the correct balance point when again opened!

Merlin's versatility extends even further, with its universal dovetail plate. The rigid multi-tapped plate is designed to accept an extensive range of cameras, from the latest ultra compact DV's to larger, feature rich HDV cameras. Its three position lever permits rapid camera mounting and removal from Merlin's micrometer trim stage, coarse balance adjustments while affixed to the stage, and positive attachment of the camera. When locked to the micrometer trim stage, precise fore and aft, plus side to side horizontal balance are then easily accomplished. And, if required, the camera and plate can be affixed to any tripod using Merlin's accessory tripod mounting plate.
Also included with the Steadicam Merlin, are five precision threaded stainless steel balance weights and two tapered end weights for cameras weighing less than four pounds. An accessory kit adds a short extension tube and three additional weights for cameras up to five pounds.

"What's really exciting about Merlin," says Tiffen's Steadicam Manager, Frank Rush, "is how it turns any camera into a creative production tool. Now, even with the smallest camcorders, anyone can achieve a truly professional look with Steadicam's unique brand of cinematic motion with a surprisingly affordable system."

Steadicam is a Division of The Tiffen Company with its headquarters located at 90 Oser Avenue, Hauppauge, New York 11788, Telephone: 631.273.2500, Fax: 632.273.2557 -

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