Camera evaluates underground structures from street level.

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Featuring 216:1 zoom, onscreen distance measurement, and HID lamps, QuickView® pipeline camera lets users inspect underground infrastructures while capturing and displaying video at up to HD resolution. Video display/recorder features 7 in. color LCD and can double as real-time ADC between any external video source and PC. Targeting leg allows stable, precise inspections of drop lines, and pole extensions are available. Solution captures video as far as 250 ft down lines 8-60 in. dia.

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New Accessories Enhance Performance of QuickView® Zoom Camera

Randolph, New Jersey-January 24, 2008-The patented QuickView pipeline zoom camera now allows municipalities, contractors and engineers to inspect a broader range of underground infrastructure, and to capture and display video at higher resolution.

An extended targeting leg allows QuickView to inspect drop lines (pipes entering a manhole from an elevated position) with precision and stability. This carbon-fiber attachment lets an operator vary camera height up to 5 feet. The extended targeting leg can be ordered with a new system, or as a retrofit to existing systems.

Pole extensions are also available, allowing QuickView to inspect manholes as deep as 48 feet. A 6-foot carbon fiber extension is available, as is a segmented fiberglass extension that adds 6-18 feet of depth. These extensions are available for all QuickViews that have a telescoping carbon-fiber pole.

In addition, QuickView's targeting leg has been repositioned to be coplanar with the camera's view axis. This enables better positioning in small lines and access areas, and renders the system less prone to slipping on uneven surfaces. All new QuickViews will ship with this new configuration.

QuickView's video display/recorder has also been upgraded to support high-definition. The new model has a 7" color LCD screen offering 9 times the pixel resolution of the previous 4" screen. It captures screen stills at quadruple the previous resolution without interrupting video recording, and its memory card capacity has been increased more than 60-fold. Furthermore, the display/recorder can double as a real-time A/D converter between any external video source and a desktop or laptop PC.

"Professionals choose QuickView because it sees farther, resolves detail better, and inspects tough infrastructure with greater ease", says Richard Lindner, president of Envirosight. "With these new accessories, inspection professionals can make crucial maintenance decisions with even greater speed and efficiency."

Trusted by more than 1000 towns nationwide, the patented QuickView zoom inspection camera evaluates pipelines, manholes and tanks from street level. Contractors use it to survey pipe condition before bidding services, and to document completed work. Municipalities use it to identify and prioritize maintenance issues, avoid confined-space entry, and inspect hard-to-reach infrastructure. Departments of transportation use it to assess culvert and storm pipe condition with minimal exposure to traffic. With 216:1 zoom, onscreen distance measurement and HID lamps, QuickView captures video as far as 250' down lines 8-60" diameter. The QuickView name and logo are trademarks of Envirosight, LLC. QuickView carries patents 6,538,732 and 7,009,698.

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