Calypso WaterJet Systems Announces Integrated Water Recycling, Chilling and Abrasive Removal Systems

Calypso WaterJet Systems announces the development of an integrated, end to end cutting system in the waterjet industry. The Calypso solution includes systems designed to filter, chill and recycle the incoming water supply, waterjet cutting systems, and systems to remove spent abrasive. All the components are designed and manufactured to operate seamlessly and are warranted and serviced by Calypso.

The Calypso Water Recycling System(TM) (WRS) is designed to control Water Quality and Temperature - the two critical areas that affect the performance of the high-pressure pump. The Calypso Chilling System(TM) is designed to optimize pump operation and reduce operating costs by cooling the hydraulics on the high pressure pump and is engineered to meet Calypso's standards for water temperature, flow, and pressure.

The Calypso Abrasive Removal System(TM) (ARS) is engineered to continuously remove the spent abrasive that accumulates in the catch tank. This eliminates the periodic cleaning of the catch tank, which in turn reduces downtime, increases production, and reduces operating costs.

Together with the complete line of cutting tables, pumps, and software currently offered by Calypso, these new products create a total waterjet cutting solution that is designed to operate as an integrated system.

Founded in 1992, Calypso WaterJet Systems, Inc. is a U.S. based manufacturer of highly accurate, high quality waterjet cutting systems designed to deliver performance and value.

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