Calibration Software verifies instruments on-site.

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Designed for automated calibration and verification of Geotest PXI product line, CalEasy v1.0 includes driver support for standards instrumentation. Program also supports instrument driver interchangeability, allowing replacement of supplied standard drivers with any compatible standards instrument. In addition, software enables creation of customized calibration certificates as well as automatic generation of calibration log.

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Geotest Introduces CalEasy Software for PXI Products

New Calibration Executive Software Package Supports User Verification / Calibration of Geotest Products

Irvine, Calif. - Geotest has announced the release of a new software package, CalEasy v1.0 which allows users to verify and recalibrate Geotest PXI instruments. The initial release includes support for Geotest's GX5960 and GX5055 digital instrumentation with subsequent releases incorporating support for all Geotest products. CalEasy offers users the ability to verify and if needed, recalibrate their Geotest instrumentation on-site, eliminating the need to return the instrumentation to Geotest or to use a 3rd party calibration service.

"With the release of CalEasy, our customers now have the option to verify and recalibrate their Geotest products on-site," said Ron Yazma , Geotest's VP of Software Engineering. "Besides supporting instrument verification, CalEasy includes all of the traceability and documentation requirements for recalibration of Geotest instruments as well providing customers with the option to interchange standards instrumentation as needed."

CalEasy is available as complete package, supporting all of Geotest's PXI product line or alternatively, CalEasy can be configured to support a single Geotest product.


CalEasy v1.0 is available immediately.

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