Calibration Software recalibrates thermometer in field.

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Pyrolaser® portable, non-contact, automatic emissivity correcting, IR thermometer's software assures precise temperature measurement. Pyrolaser provides temperature measurement accuracy within ±5°F, and utilizes pulse laser technology to measure infrared radiance while simultaneously measuring and correcting for emissivity. Unit can measure temperature models between 1100° and 5432°F with target size ranges between 0.040 to 1.97 in. dia.

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Software Enhances Portable Automatic Emissivity Correcting IR Thermometer

Pyrometer Instrument Co Inc., Northvale, NJ - The Pyrolaser®, portable, non-contact, automatic emissivity correcting, IR thermometer's software provides additional flexibility assuring precise temperature measurement. The software allows the user to re-calibrate the Pyrolaser® in the field without factory service. This affords the user the ability to assure calibration without taking the unit out of service. This significantly aids users with ISO and quality compliance programs.

The Pyrolaser® provides unmatched temperature measurement accuracy within ±5°F (±3°C). Utilizing patented pulse laser technology the Pyrolaser® measures infrared radiance while simultaneously measures and corrects for emissivity. (Emissivity is a value that must be established to accurately determine infrared true temperature.) The basic unit combined with supplemental lenses can measure several temperature models between 1100°F- 5432°F (600°C - 3000°C) with target size ranges between 0.040" -1.97" (1 mm -50mm) diameter at focal distances from 9.8" - 393" (250mm-10,000mm).

The Pyrolaser® also incorporates an additional feature to measure reflective radiance from extraneous sources, such as furnace walls eliminating additional error, assuring temperature accuracy. Pyrolaser's® microprocessor control measures radiance, emissivity and reflected radiance values at an extremely fast 1 ms data acquisition rate. This information can be output, via digital or analog output, from a 700 entry capacity intemal notebook and transmitted to a PC or network main frame for analysis.

The Pyrolaser® was originally developed for refractory temperature measurement in the petroleum industry. Recently, the Pyrolaser'® flexibility has been demonstrated in ceramic and metal heat treating & forming processes. Specifically measuring temperature of hot strip during annealing and galvanizing processes and billets during hot rolling process. The Pyrolaser® is also used as a quality control certified temperature transfer standard.

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