Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages Taps JDA Software Solutions to Increase Customer Satisfaction and Productivity

Third Largest Soft-Drink Maker Reduces Planogram Processing Time 94 Percent

Scottsdale, Ariz. - February 21, 2008 - JDA® Software Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: JDAS) today announced that Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages (CSAB), the largest division of Cadbury Schweppes, the number three soft-drink maker in the world, has realized a 93.75 percent reduction in planogram processing time and an increase in productivity after utilizing the advanced capabilities of JDA Software's Space & Category Management solutions, powered by Intactix®.

CSAB sells its diverse and popular soft drinks to franchise companies and independent bottling companies throughout North America. As a result, the company's space, assortment and speed-to-insight capabilities are continuously evolving.

"It is critical that we invest in robust solutions and technology like JDA Software to meet and exceed the changing needs of our customers," said Chris Hopkins, director, category management, CSAB. "Without JDA's solutions, we wouldn't be able to quickly produce accurate planograms on a mass scale."

CSAB was contacted by one of its largest retail customers to conduct store-specific planograms for its Texas locations. "When the customer approached us, we consulted the experts at JDA who helped us put together templates capable of mass producing accurate, store-specific planograms," said Hopkins. Collaborating with JDA, CSAB learned how to incorporate Intactix® Knowledge Base and Space Automation by Intactix® in several phases of the process, allowing the tools to do the work. Hopkins added, "Our customer was so impressed because we were able to deliver the plans in about three months, much faster than our larger competitors. They asked if we could take on additional locations and eventually, they asked us to take on the whole country."

Hopkins explained, "JDA's space management functionality dives deep into analytics and fine tunes production. Anyone can do one or two planograms, but when you enter into the complexity of store clustering and getting to the point where you have to produce over 1,000 planograms, that detail of depth requires a lot of planning and coordinating, not only with the retail customer's team but with Cadbury Schweppes' own team and the data."

Additionally, the depth of data on carbonated beverages goes an extra dimension because of differing franchise rights. The flow of goods is based on whoever the main distributor is in a specific region. Every distribution system carries different packages.

"We eventually narrowed it down to two people and a process that once took four hours per planogram now takes about 15 minutes per planogram. Thanks to JDA, we can now accomplish a four month-plus project in six weeks. Now we can devote more of our employees and resources to other accounts. We have more accounts that can work under this same process which means less strain on our resources. We are always looking to fine-tune the process and JDA is always there to help us meet and exceed our needs," said Hopkins.

David Johnston, JDA senior vice president of manufacturing and wholesale distribution, said, "Operating more competitively and profitably requires deep supply chain optimization driven by an accurate view of the consumer's preferences. JDA can offer manufacturers the unique perspective of optimizing the entire supply chain from retail shelf to materials procurement to ensure they are jointly growing market share with their trading partners. We are proud to support Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages' business objectives by delivering real results with our innovative solutions."

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