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Press Release Summary:

With KOMPAS-3D v15, mechanical engineers can place components in models by coordinates or mates. Users can display models without sectioning or slicing, terminate fillets at arbitrary points along edge being filleted, and create groups of layers as well as groups of layer filters in 3D space. Users can also specify thread standards during construction, along with standard parameters such as nominal diameter and step. Other features include model orientation control and 2D/3D PDF export.

Original Press Release:

ASCON Releases KOMPAS-3D V15

ASCON Group, the leading Russian developer of high-performance CAD/AEC/PLM systems, is pleased to release KOMPAS-3D V15 for mechanical engineers. This professional computer-aided design system is distinguished by its powerful 3D and 2D design processes, along with a user-friendly interface, easy to learn functions, and flexible collaboration with third-party software — all of which is enhanced by a reasonable price.

Today, ASCON is excited to announce the highlights of KOMPAS-3D V15:

  • Locating components into models

  • Model zones

  • Modeless model sections

  • Terminating fillets

  • Layer groups in 3D

  • Cosmetic threads

  • Dimension enhancements

  • Model orientation control

  • Indicator icons

  • 2D/3D PDF export

The new release of KOMPAS-3D features more than 100 other enhancements to increase the productivity of users. V15 does this through faster operations, improved usability, and simplified product development processes. The result is fewer errors made during the design-to-product development process.

Locating Components in Models

KOMPAS-3D V15 provides users with two new ways to place components in models:

By coordinates - components can be set in the model by indicating the position and the orientation of its coordinate system with respect to the model's coordinate system

By mates - components can be positioned in models through mates

Model Zones

KOMPAS-3D V15 offers a new way to select objects quickly based on their position relative to zones. A zone is a specified volume in the model space, which reduces the time to search large, complex models. Users can select components that are either inside a zone, outside of it, or that intersect a zone.

Modeless Model Sections

KOMPAS-3D V15 now displays model sections without user needing to undertake sectioning or slicing operations.

Terminating Fillets

KOMPAS-3D V15 improves the fillet operation so that users can terminate fillets at arbitrary points along the edge being filleted.

Layer Groups in 3D

KOMPAS-3D V15 now lets users create groups of layers, as well as groups of layer filters in 3D space.

Cosmetic Threads

KOMPAS-3D V15 now lets users specify thread standards during construction, along with standard parameters such as the nominal diameter and step. The list of thread standards for creating conventional thread designs and rounds hole is expanded.

A new feature changes the actual dimensions of the pin or hole to meet the thread standard specified. Another new feature allows users to copy parameters from the master thread to the current cosmetic (conditional) threads.

Dimension Enhancements

KOMPAS-3D V15 now places linear dimensions of circle diameters.

As well, users can now place dimensions symmetrical on the centerline.

Model Orientation Control

KOMPAS-3D V15 replaces the coordinate system icon (found in the bottom left corner of the model window) with a new model orientation control.


Indicator Icons

KOMPAS-3D V15 displays icons for indicating modes in the model window. Icons that indicate the current mode – such as sketch, context model editing, editing settings --- are displayed in the top right corner of the window.


The demo mode icon is shown in the bottom right corner of the window.

2D/3D PDF file format export

KOMPAS-3D V15 now exports 3D models and 2D drawings in PDF format.

Pricing and Availability

KOMPAS-3D V15 is available now through ASCON¡¦s worldwide network of value added resellers. For details and pricing, please contact them. To locate the one nearest to your region, please visit

To try out the new functions, download our 30-day free trial of KOMPAS-3D V15 from

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