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CADKEY Workshop v20 for tooling, machinery and general mechanical design/drafting applications, contains assembly and management functions and is optimized to run in Microsoft(R) Windows(R) XP/2000/NT 4. It allows users to create, import and edit 3-dimensional models and drawings. Pure Geometry(TM) based data structure offers transition from drawing to modeling and allows total editing control of imported data.

Original Press Release:

CADKEY Corporation Announces New CADKEY Workshop Manufacturing Design Software

The Newest Offering in the All-New CADKEY(R) Version 20 Technology Product Line Delivers a Contemporary CAD Solution Focused on the Needs of Manufacturers

Marlborough, MA - March 4, 2002 - CADKEY Corporation, a leading developer of Windows(-based mechanical design and drafting software worldwide, announced the all-new CADKEY Workshop(TM) Version 20 Manufacturing Design Software for tooling, machinery and general mechanical design/drafting applications. The all-new architecture product, previously referred to as "CADKEY 20", is an enhanced version of CADKEY that contains new assembly and entity management functions specifically designed for manufacturing professionals. The software is expected to be released in April, 2002. The product is optimized to run in Microsoft(R) Windows(R) XP / 2000 / NT 4 and is priced at $3,000 USD, which includes a one-year Annual Update Contract.

Built on an all-new, state of the art architecture, the product allows users to create, import and edit three-dimensional models and drawings. Unlike constraint-driven feature-based CAD software, CADKEY Workshop is built with a Pure Geometry(TM) based data structure which allows total editing control of imported data, better support for advanced surface modeling, and a much shorter learning curve for beginners. The product also offers unique tools for assembly and entity management and dimensional accuracy assurance. CADKEY Workshop provides a comprehensive design solution for manufacturing and design engineers to help get products to market faster. In keeping with CADKEY's hallmark interoperability with other CAD/CAM/CAE systems, industry-standard data translators (DWG, DXF(TM), ACISS-SAT, Parasolid X_T, STEP(TM), IGES, STL, and VRML) are included.

Robert W. Bean, P.E., President and CEO of CADKEY Corporation, stated, "Unlike general CAD products, CADKEY Workshop was developed specifically to address the needs of Manufacturing Companies. It is the perfect solution for anyone who needs to work with data from customers and suppliers to generate tooling, fixtures, molds, dies, machines, and more, because of its pure geometry core and its ability to work with and fully edit any type of CAD data. It is a complete modeling solution that integrates drafting, wireframe, freeform solid modeling, and freeform surface modeling at a price any engineer can afford. This product is built on the all-new contemporary CADKEY Version 20 Technology engine that combines speed and stability with state of the art technology."

The CADKEY Version 20 Technology products are the first "all-new" mechanical CAD products to be developed and released in the last few years. This new architecture integrates the latest advances in Windows as well as several advanced components from leading CAD technology providers. CADKEY Version 20 products are also the first commercial applications released using the GeMS++(TM) object-oriented database and memory management tools from Honeywell (Kansas City, MO). GeMS++ was developed as part of an advanced manufacturing initiative sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy. This technology offers an unlimited undo/redo system, optimized file saving for smaller file size, faster file loading and advanced data protection.

Another key component in the CADKEY Version 20 Technology is a unified graphics system based on the HOOPS(R) Application Framework from Techsoft America, Inc. (Oakland, CA). HOOPS provides optimized graphic processing critical to large assemblies as well as output of next-generation compressed graphical files (Open HSF) for sharing of data over the web. To facilitate advanced integration of surface and solid modeling, Version 20 has expanded the utilization of the latest modeling components of ACIS 7.0 from Spatial Corporation (Boulder, CO).

The three primary, unique features that set CADKEY Workshop apart from other CAD software products are a Pure Geometry foundation (core), a versatile assembly management and data organization structure, and a comprehensive dimensional accuracy assurance system. Pure Geometry offers a simple transition from drawing to modeling as well as the ability to model shapes of any complexity and edit any imported geometry as if it were created natively. The all-new data structure allows management of assemblies using a blend of simple layer-based organization tools with elaborate file referencing schemes. This enables quick, flexible construction at the conceptual stage and associative updating as the design progresses into the final stage. The new dimensional accuracy assurance system provides numerous tools to prevent or highlight incorrect dimensions, reducing costly, erroneous dimensions on production drawings.

Pricing and Support
CADKEY Workshop (retail price $ 3,000 USD which includes a One Year Annual Update Contract), as well as the entire line of CADKEY products and services, is sold through Authorized CADKEY Resellers (VARs) and via the CADKEY WebStore at For VAR referral in USA/Canada, call CADKEY Corporation at 1-800-372-3872. For International Distributor referral call 1-508-229-2020. Free technical support is available via the Web site:, Email: and FAX: 1-508-460-0724. Technical support and training programs are also offered through Authorized CADKEY VARs.

About CADKEY Corporation
CADKEY Corporation, a Boston-area company, develops and markets the price/performing CADKEY and CADKEY-integrated 2D/3D Windows(R)-CAD product lines -- CADKEY GraphX(TM), CADKEY Workshop(TM), CADKEY DESIGN SUITE(R), CADKEY(R), CADKEY PARAMETRICS(TM), FastSURF(R), DRAFT-PAK(R) and CADKEY DIRECT TRANSLATORS(TM). The company offers its entire product line, training materials and movies, and best-in-class e-Partner enhancement products for engineers at Dedicated to the mechanical CAD marketplace, CADKEY Corporation's software development efforts focus on innovative hybrid modeling advancements. With over 275,000 copies shipped worldwide, CADKEY Corporation's time-proven products are among the most widely used in the global marketplace in more than 40 countries. For late-breaking news, visit the award-winning CADKEY World Wide Web site at cadkey.eom.

CADKEY Workshop images available upon request.
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