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Mastercam v9 incorporates Mastercam Mill, which delivers high speed pocketing and machining options including full trochoidal machining. Finish Project Toolpath function delivers consistent finish that follows natural curves of unlimited surfaces or solids. Broad-based Tool Containment makes difficult internal cutting safe and efficient. Mastercam Lathe adds verification tools for quick reference. Mastercam Wire combines wirepaths with graphic interfaces for easy programming.

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Hands-On Demonstrations Of Unique Mastercam CAD/CAM Innovations Featured At IMTS Booth #D-3024

(Tolland, CT - May 2002) Manufacturers are invited to sit down with the experts and get their hands on an exceptional array of new software for milling, turning, wire, solids and design. Mastercam Version 9 delivers an impressive set of easy software tools reflecting the "shop benefit" thinking that has made Mastercam products the most used CAM in the world. Among the new features visitors can experience at Mastercam IMTS are new pocketing techniques, advanced smooth 3D machining, high-speed programming and automated solids machining. In addition, each Mastercam product has a host of new function related enhancements, which offer the most flexibility and efficiency available in the industry today.

Director of Sales Gary Hargreaves points out, "Over the years, our IMTS booth has become an interactive exchange where manufacturers tell us what's really needed in the field, and we show them ways Mastercam can help." "This year", continues Hargreaves, "Mastercam Version 9 has so many practical enhancements that users and manufacturers should be quite pleased with the software."

Mastercam Mill Version 9 delivers high speed pocketing and increased machining options, including full "trochoidal" machining moving the tool in small circles that can "nibble" out the entire pocket so the tool is never buried. To save runtime, the trochoidal machining feature also allows users to set the percentage of tool contact, speeding successive passes because "nibbles" are only taken when the tool would be buried in left material. When combined with Mastercam Solids, Mastercam Mill can automatically detect and program drill holes on solid

Precision production of high-end customers' complex designs is simplified by enhancements to 3D and Multiaxis functions at the most advanced level of Mastercam Mill. The Finish Project Toolpath function delivers a consistent finish that follows the natural curves of unlimited surfaces or solids. Programming with
Custom Plunge Roughing lets users machine in any pattern -- using spiral motion in cutting a round part, for example -- and new Hybrid Remachining changes cutting strategies with model slope changes. in a single toolpath.

Among the new 5-axis resources, Broad-based Tool Containment makes difficult internal cutting safe and efficient. Other new features allow cutting an unlimited number of surfaces in 5-axis and adding cuts to steeply angled areas of 5-axis parts for a smoother, more consistent finish.

Mastercam Lathe Version 9 delivers new toolpaths based on proven
industry needs and adds new verification tools for quick reference. Over 16 new programming and automated operational features cut programming and turningtime as production quality increases: a great combination for to boost any company's bottom line.

Refined and improved, Mastercam Wire Version 9 combines new
wirepaths with graphic interfaces for easier programming. New tools in an easy-to-use format -- fast land programming, easier rough/skim/tab cut control, either automatic or click and drag tab positions, fast stock transfer, and more -- move Wire users ahead in the competitive marketplace.

Mastercam Solids Version 9 has made the line between solids and
machining even more seamless for NC programmers. Users can now sew an unlimited number of surfaces into a single solid model; create sheet solids that can be thickened, shelled, and more; trim solids to multiple surfaces using sheet solids; create "disjoint" bodies; Solid Feature Recognition; and much more. Its Solids Feature Recognition component identifies entities such as filets and holes on imported solids and adds them to the history tree as full editable features.

Enhancements common to all Mastercam Version 9 products ensure that you can open and edit virtually any CAD file. Robust support for AutoCAD®, DWG, DXF and Inventor(TM) files plus updated SAT and Parasolids® translators are included. Catia and Pro-E® translators are available.

Other enhancements to the Mastercam family include the new Work
Coordinate System, which smoothes the progress of your work on a model by easily reorienting your View, Construction and Tool planes, then seamlessly transfers the new planes to your G-code. The new Entity Attributes Manager controls how specific entities will be created and sorts incoming entities as files are imported. Mastercam Design Version 9 also has simpler dialog boxes and includes line width control for customized printing and plotting.

Feeds, speeds and a host of other settings can be changed without toolpath regeneration. Simplified controls for compensation and clearance heights, and automatic slot milling and drilling countersink depth calculation are among many more new features.

For more information about the Mastercam Version 9 family of products, contact CNC Software, Inc., M - F, 8 AM - 6 PM EST at (800) 228-2877 or (860) 875-5006, 671 Old Post Road, Tolland, CT 06084. Or visit Mastercam's Web Site at

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