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CAD/CAM Software aids manufacture of orthopedic footwear.

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May 09, 2014 - Featuring all options for 2D pattern development from Engineer Pro, Engineer Ortho creates footwear designs in shortest possible time. Multi-point transformation function makes it possible to transform style lines of existing pattern to match new last, allowing existing shoe designs to be transferred directly onto any individual last developed to match patient’s foot. Once piece area is finalized, edge details can be added around part by dragging and dropping designs from edge template library.

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Delcam CRISPIN to Launch Engineer Ortho 2014 at OT World in Leipzig

Press release date: Apr 30, 2014

At the OT World exhibition to be held in Leipzig from 13th to 16th May, Delcam CRISPIN will launch a new version of its Engineer Pro software specifically for the manufacture of orthopaedic footwear.  Engineer Ortho includes all the options for 2D pattern development from Engineer Pro and so allows bespoke footwear designs to be created in the shortest possible time.

Delcam CRISPIN is the world’s largest supplier of CADCAM software to the footwear industry.  It is the only supplier able to provide a complete solution for the 3D design and manufacture of lasts, uppers, orthotics and soles, both for mass production and for the development of orthopaedic and other bespoke footwear. 

One key tool in Engineer Ortho is the multi-point transformation function that makes it easy to transform the style lines of an existing pattern to match a new last.  This allows existing shoe designs to be transferred directly onto any individual last developed to match the patient’s foot. 

If parts have been developed as well as the style lines, then the same operation will adapt their shapes to the new last as well.  While the pieces are unlikely to be produced exactly as required for manufacture, the adjustments necessary will take, at most, one tenth of the time needed to develop the equivalent parts from scratch.

The time savings will be especially beneficial when the patient is suffering from a non-static condition, for example, progressive deterioration resulting from diabetes.  In these cases, new footwear will be needed on a regular basis, with each pair needing to be re-designed based on new lasts.

If a completely new design is required, Engineer Ortho offers the full range of pattern development tools available in Engineer Pro, including all the time-saving enhancements in the recently-released 2014 version.  For example, simple parts can be created with a single click in a closed area and adjoining regions can then be added to the piece with a click in the neighbouring area.  In addition, if a part has a mirrored boundary, the features will be mirrored automatically. 

Once the piece area has been finalised, edge details can be added around the part simply by dragging and dropping designs from the library of edge templates.

Engineer Ortho, just like all the Delcam CRISPIN products, is an ‘open’ system so it can export the parts to all the major plotters and cutters available on the market.  The range of supported hardware is increased regularly as new machines come onto the market. 

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