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Cadsoft Build v6.0 stand-alone application utilizes Autodesk's AutoCAD software as its core. Its engine is based on AutoCAD 2000I platform to ensure file compatibility with Autodesk 2000-2002 product line. APDesign v11.0 add-on for AutoCAD is compatible with AutoCAD releases 2000, 2000i and 2002. Shared features include real-time motion, auto-coloring, building location access controls, auto-dimensioning functions, and framing functionality.

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Guelph, ON - December 11, 2001 - Cadsoft Corporation announces the release of the latest versions of the company's flagship software products, Cadsoft Build Version 6.0 and APDesign Version 11.0. Both technologies help architectural engineering and construction (AEC) designers, builders and manufacturers to significantly improve the efficiency and cost of building residential and light commercial buildings by first creating vivid, three-dimensional computer models. Using these 3-D models, builders can optimize their designs, decrease construction documentation time, significantly improve their materials and construction planning processes and generate strong marketing tools for their sales teams.

While Cadsoft's Build and APDesign technologies share a common feature set, Cadsoft Build 6.0 is a stand-alone application that utilizes Autodesk's AutoCAD software as its core. With this latest version, Cadsoft Build boasts a powerful new engine based on the AutoCAD 2000I platform, ensuring file compatibility with the Autodesk 2000 - 2002 product line.

Cadsoft's APDesign 11.0, an add-on for AutoCAD, is intended for AEC professionals who are already utilizing the full power of AutoCAD. As well, with version 11.0, APDesign is now compatible with AutoCAD releases 2000, 2000i and 2002.

Additional features now available with both APDesign 11.0 and Build 6.0 include:
* Real-time motion, which allows users to "orbit" their models in three dimensions;
* Auto-coloring, for increased drawing productivity;
* Advanced working drawing sheet functionality;
* Faster and more accessible building location access controls;
* Improved Auto-dimensioning functions, to streamline the process of adjusting and editing dimensions; and,
* Improved framing functionality, providing for greater detail and more configuration options.

With the new, more flexible Build V6.0, users also have Command Line entry capabilities similar to those available in APDesign through AutoCAD.

"Our new Cadsoft product line now delivers many of the enhancements and new features most requested by our client base," says Brad Finck, VP Product Development. "This, combined with compatibility with the current releases of AutoCAD, gives our clients a more productive set of tools to grow their business into the year 2002."

Adds Peter Zitis, VP Sales and Marketing for Cadsoft, "As a member of the Unique Application Reseller (UAR) program, we take great pleasure in being able to announce these new products. We now offer our customers the most advanced AEC solution possible, which includes the premier home design/build toolset running on the latest industry - standard CAD platform available." About Cadsoft Corporation Cadsoft is a premier developer of solutions for the residential design/build and manufactured housing industries. Cadsoft is the only solution provider offering a complete design, material take-off, and framing solution on the AutoCAD platform. Cadsoft's current software is available as an
AutoCAD add-on or as a stand-alone product, made possible through licensing Autodesk's OEM technology. Cadsoft products provide 100% compatibility with the world's current CAD standard.

Cadsoft uses the power of AutoCAD, the world's leading PC CAD package, and adds functionality geared specifically toward building designers. This functionality includes detailed panel diagrams and links to most major estimating packages. Cadsoft also offers animation and rendering of 3D models, which gives users a unique marketing advantage. Cadsoft solutions have been rated the leading Windows-based CAD products for the residential design community.

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