Cables ensure operation of emergency warning/evac systems.

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Safe-T-Line cables include circuit integrity (CI), CI-PLTC, and circuit integrity in conduit (CIC) cables. Rated for use in high-rise buildings, Safe-T-Line CI and CIC cables meet 2-hr Flame Test requirement, can be installed vertically, and withstand direct contact with flame. Available with solid, stranded shielded, or unshielded construction in 1,000-ft lengths, cables feature thermoset elastomer insulation and flame-retardant, LSZH polyolefin jackets.

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Belden's Expanded Line of New Generation Safe-T-Line Cables Ensures Continued Operation of Emergency Warning and Evac Systems

RICHMOND, IN - Belden CDT Electronics Division, a world leader in the development of specialty cable products for the industrial, commercial, broadcast and residential markets, has expanded its line of New Generation Safe-T-Line cables, which now includes circuit integrity (CI), CI-PLTC, and circuit integrity in conduit (CIC) cables. In the event of fire or emergency in high-rise buildings, Safe-T-Line CI and CIC cables are used to connect the Fire Command Center to various zones throughout the building. The cables are designed to help ensure continued operation of a building's emergency warning systems for sufficient time to allow occupants to evacuate in a timely, safe and orderly fashion.

The NFPA 101 Life Safety Code, and many local building codes, mandate ongoing operation of Emergency Voice/Alarm Communications (EVAC) systems for two hours in structures where immediate evacuation is difficult or impossible, such as high-rise office buildings. Cables designated by the NEC as Circuit Integrity are riser-rated, which means they can be installed vertically and still withstand direct contact with flame. Cables designated as CIC may be installed in the area above a ceiling, but they must be contained within conduit. All of Belden's New Generation Safe-T-Line cables are designed, engineered and constructed to meet applicable electrical requirements for CI, CIC and CI-PLTC as established by NEC, NFPA and UL standards and codes.

Safe-T-Line CI cables have been tested to and passed the 2-hour UL 2196 Flame Test without the use of conduit. They cannot, however, be deployed in conduit and still maintain their 2-hour rating and thus are riser-rated only. Safe-T-Line CIC cables have been tested to and passed the UL 2196 Flame Test while installed in EMT conduit according to the Electrical Circuit Protective System (FHIT) #30 of the UL Fire Resistance Directory. Therefore, CIC cables are designated for use in plenum installations, but cannot be deployed outside of conduit. Belden also offers Safe-T-Line Circuit Integrity Power Limited Tray Cables (CI-PLTC) and higher pair/triad counts on a special order basis.

To ensure their respective 2-hour Flame Test compliance ratings, Belden Safe-T-Line cables feature thermoset elastomer insulation and flame-retardant, low smoke, zero halogen (LSZH) polyolefin jackets. The cables are available in solid, stranded shielded or unshielded construction in various AWG sizes to meet a wide range of application requirements.

And, because electrical codes dictate that CI and CIC cables must not be spliced between the Fire Command Center and the zone served, Belden offers its Safe-T-Line cables in 1,000-ft lengths, with longer lengths available upon request.

For more information about Belden's New Generation Safe-T-Line Cables, contact Belden CDT Electronics Division, P.O. Box 1980, Richmond, Indiana 47375, or call 1-800-BELDEN-4 to request New Product Bulletin NP205. FAX: 765-983-5294. Or visit the Web site:

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