Reveals 7 Ways That Braided Sleeving Makes Life Better

From protecting cables to snazzing up fishing lures, braided overlay is the perfect problem-solving finishing touch for more than a few of life's essentials.

Fort Lauderdale, FL, - Disorganized cables, abrasion-shredded hoses, chain-damaged boat paint and lackluster fishing lures may all be counted among life's little headaches, but they don't really have anything in common. Or do they? Take a closer look, and you'll find that they're all problems that can be solved with nothing more than braided sleeving.

"Braided sleeving is a tube-shaped, protective overlay that's woven from strands of plastic, metal, fiberglass, or even high-performance materials like Teflon® and Halar®" explains Christina Hansen, a Product Specialist with "A lot of people tend to think of it as something that's just factory installed on high-end cables and hoses, but it's actually an easy and affordable aftermarket fix that can improve, and extend the life of, many different items found in your home, office or vehicle."

Below, gives 7 ways that braided sleeving can make life better for both you and the items you rely on for work and play.

It organizes your desk and home theater.

Nothing ruins the look of an otherwise well-appointed home theater or computer setup like cables running in every direction and piling up on the floor, or behind desks and entertainment centers. Standard PET braided sleeving ( lets you create smooth, organized cable bundles (or "snakes") in minutes, taking the look of your electronics from amateur mess to professional installation with very little time, effort and money.

It puts an end to hose abrasion.

Whether you're dealing with garden hoses or air lines, the abrasion that comes from being walked on, driven over and dragged across rough ground can lead to holes - and expensive hose replacements for you. Strengthen hardworking hoses that take a beating outdoors and in garages with a simple overlay of rugged Heavy Wall braided sleeving (, which not only prevents abrasion, but also protects against UV and chemical damage.

It gives inexpensive A/V cables a high-end custom look.

Make your discount-store A/V cables turn audio- and videophile heads by giving them an inexpensive makeover with colored PET sleeving ( Get a bold two-tone effect by applying a brightly colored overlay on a black cable (which will peek through the braid), or go for a sleek low-key look with a shiny dark gray for a modern carbon fiber look. Take that, boutique cables!

It prevents chains from scratching up boat or vehicle paint.

Dragging anchor chains up and down the side of a boat, or work chains in and out of a pickup bed, can really do a number on your vessel or vehicle's paint job. Heavy duty Gorilla sleeve ( is woven from flat nylon filaments, which create a smooth yet incredibly tough braid that glides over surfaces in marine and automotive applications. Cover your chains with this, and you'll see far fewer dings and scratches popping up.

It prevents wild animals from gnawing outdoor wiring.

Ever chewed on a piece of foil? You probably haven't tried it again since. When it comes to protecting outdoor satellite and data cables from nature and its destructive teeth, an overlay of stainless steel braided sleeving ( gives the same cringe-worthy sensation to small, gnawing animals that would otherwise make a snack of your wiring. Just one bite, and they learn their lesson - best of all, no one, including your cables, gets hurt.

It protects engine bay cables from high heat and flame.

You may think that Teflon® is just for nonstick cookware, but formed into filaments and braided into sleeving, it makes one incredibly protective covering for the cables and hoses in high-heat engine bays. Teflon braided sleeving ( not only wards off the dangers of abrasion, but also defends against temps of up to 550°F to prevent heat degradation, and helps guard against the effects of corrosive fuels and chemicals.

It gets homemade lures noticed by fish.

Fish not falling for your homemade lures? Add an eye-catching glint and realistic scale effect with shiny and lightweight Mylar® braided sleeving ( Made of the same reflective metallized polymer film as the high-shine helium balloons you loved as a kid, Mylar sleeving adds a finishing touch to fishing lures that won't add too much weight or drag, but will definitely grab the attention of The Big One That Got Away (but won't get away much longer). offers a wide variety of standard and specialty braided sleevings, all of which can be found at


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