Announces the Top 10 Tips for a Perfect Computer Rack Installation

From measuring to rounding up the right tools, prep is the key for an efficient and frustration-free computer rack installation.

Fort Lauderdale, FL - Think that assembling a computer cabinet or home theater rack system takes nothing more than slapping a few shelves and rails together? Think again.

"Whether you're installing a rack in a server room or your home entertainment center, things can get frustrating pretty quickly if you're not prepared," notes Christina Hansen, a Product Specialist with

"When you're tackling a rack-mounting project, a little planning can go a long way. Everything from measuring properly and sketching an equipment layout map to stocking up on mounting hardware and asking a friend for help can make or break your computer cabinet installation." offers these top ten time-saving and frustration-reducing tips for a perfect (or near-perfect) computer rack installation.

1. Before you start, take an inventory of your equipment. Don't focus only on the equipment that you're rack mounting right now. Take into consideration any components that you may decide to add in the future, and make space allowances for them.

2. Be well supplied. Save as much installation time as possible by being over-prepared with small but essential supplies like rack screws, washers, and cage nuts. Thinking of the little things beforehand will prevent you from having to bring your project to a halt until you can restock.

3. Map things out in advance. Drawing a diagram of your rack system and the components that you'll be housing in it will help you find the best configuration for your network or home theater equipment. Pre-installation layouts also save time during the actual project because you'll already know where everything's going ahead of time, as opposed to trying to fit components together on the fly.

4. Don't be afraid to consult a professional. If you're inexperienced at installing electronics into
computer racks (, get advice from a carpenter, contractor or electrician. Asking questions about weight capacity, thermal management, power requirements, grounding and overall assembly in advance can prevent you from making expensive mistakes in the future.

5. Make sure that you have the right tools on hand. Computer rack installations are much easier to tackle if you round up all the tools ( you'll need ahead of time. While there's a chance you'll discover that your particular project calls for a few additional supplies, a good base of tools to start with should include a tape measure, pencil, hammer, flashlight, level, and both Phillips and flat-head screwdrivers.

6. Measure first. Remember the old "measure twice, cut once" adage? Well, in this case, it's "measure twice, bolt once." Always double check to make sure that you're allowing enough room for your equipment before you tighten down all of the cage nuts or rack screws ( on your shelves. Measuring may not be fun, but it definitely beats kicking yourself later when nothing fits the way it should.

7. Get a friend involved in the project. Having another person around to help you with heavy lifting and other tricky tasks is always a good idea. Not only will you have some company while you work, you'll also be preventing that valuable rack-mounted equipment, and not to mention yourself, from sustaining any irreversible damage.

8. Get a grip on your electronics. To keep your network or home theater components in place once they're housed in a rack, think about securing them to the shelves with some Velcro® acrylic-based adhesive hook and loop tape. This way, they can be moved...but only when you say so.

9. Keep your cool. Thermal management is not something to be taken lightly, especially if your equipment will be running in a tightly packed, fully-enclosed computer rack. Electronic components can generate a lot of heat, and it's important that your equipment be continuously kept cool by rack fans or vented enclosure panels (

10. Give yourself some extra storage space. If you find yourself with extra rack space on your hands, consider installing a rackmount drawer ( or two - they're perfect for close-at-hand storage of CDs, DVDs, cables, gadget accessories and spare hardware. offers a wide variety of computer racks, server enclosures and rackmount accessories, all of which can be found at


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