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Cable Strain Relief Kit fosters custom project development.

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Cable Strain Relief Kit fosters custom project development.

Jul 24, 2012 - Available to aid in development of custom strain relief for new or existing project, 24-piece sample kit provides variations of 88,000 ISC strain relief options. Strain reliefs are discrete component injection molded from flexible resin, usually PVC. Products have hole size same diameter of cable being used and are held into place with slot and flange. Design provides structure and support in stressed portion where cable jacket ends and connection is made to component.

Original Press Release

Cable Strain Reliefs are a Flexible Solution

Press release date: Jul 19, 2012

To aid in the development of new projects ISC Engineering has introduced is new product which is a 24 piece sample kit costing $25.00. The kit showcases different variations of the 88,000 in stock strain relief options ISC offers. The kit provides an inexpensive aid in developing a custom strain relief for a new or existing project.

A strain relief provides an inexpensive "value added" solution to almost any cable assembly. Strain reliefs are a discrete component that are injection molded from a flexible resin, usually PVC. The strain relief is designed to have a hole size the same diameter of the cable being used and is held into place with a slot and flange. The strain relief provides structure and support in the stressed portion where the cable jacket ends and the connection is made to the component. This portion of the cable is where most of the stress is placed and the most damage is noticed.

To learn more about strain reliefs and how they can add value to your product visit The site provides a strain relief configurator that will produce 3D CAD models which will aid in the design that best suits your project. ISC also provides engineering support to create a customized strain relief application along with boots and grommets. To contact a sales engineer direct email: