Cable Processing System integrates pay-off, take-up units.

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Operated with wireless radio remote control, Cat-Walk FMPT4/FMP8 is powered by AC Vector variable-speed torque controlled drive system and accommodates respooling speeds from 0-115 rpm. Shaftless FMPT4 handles reel diameters up to 60 in. OD and up to 4,000 lb, while FMP8 is engineered to support same reel diameters but up to 8,000 lb. Latter also includes hydraulically powered pay-off and rewind assist benefit which feeds and rewinds cable to and from FMPT4.

Original Press Release:

The Cat Walk

Reel-O-Matic, Inc., a leading manufacturer of reel and cable handling machinery, located in Oklahoma City, OK, introduces its new heavy duty self-contained shaftless pay-off and take-up cable processing system. Nicknamed the "Cat-Walk", since both the pay-off and take-up units are united on one integrated platform, the "Cat-Walk" is operated with a wireless radio remote control (cable free) to respool material from any vantage point, up to several hundred feet away.

As shown, the Model FMPT4/FMP8, is powered by an AC Vector variable speed torque controlled drive system for increased respooling speeds up to 0-115 RPMs. The Shaftless FMPT4 is designed to handle reel diameters up to 60" O.D. x up to 4,000 lbs.

The FMP8 shaftless pay-out system is engineered to support reels up to 60" O.D. x 8,000 lbs. The FMP8 includes a hydraulically powered pay-off and rewind assist benefit which feeds and rewinds cable to and from the FMPT4. A potentiometer controlled electromagnetic brake provides adjustable back tension during the spooling operation and prevents the supply reel from overspinning when the take-up drive slows down or stops.

Dual front mounted joystick controls engage the hydraulically activated pintle arms on both the pay-out and take-up units during loading and unloading operations. The "Cat-Walk" also includes a powered AC Vector automatic levelwind system which is synchronized with the drive of the FMPT4. The powered traverse can also be operated manually by simply flipping a selector switch.

A hydraulically activated clamping system is included with the electronic measuring system which the operator engages to prevent the material from slipping back out of the process line after it is cut.

A pushbutton hydraulically activated cutter may be integrated into the system if desired.

Reel-O-Matic's "Cat-walk" series is available in models which handle greater weight capacities and reel dimensions.

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