Cable MFG and Assembly Manufactures Innovative Control Cables

CMA's light and medium duty push-pull and pull-pull cable controls offer the user the flexibility of remote actuation in either a push or pull operating mode. Their extensive selection of cable, fittings, conduit and shuttle molded assembly techniques are being used to meet the needs of many unique and demanding remote control actuation uses.


CMA has pioneered the design, development and manufacture of a complete line of products for the remote actuation of latches, catches, mechanisms and locking gas springs. Consisting of custom designed actuators, cable controls and operators, the products provide a complete system for a wide range of mechanical applications. Designed for the most popular applications, they offer ready-made solutions with little or no tooling cost and have many advantages over conventional rods and linkages. Light duty control cables can be used for hood and truck release, chair height adjustment, automotive seating, medical equipment and outdoor power equipment to name a few.


Long recognized as a leader in the design and manufacture of light duty control cables, CMA offers a full line of medium duty control cables. Like all of our products, our medium duty control cables are made to the highest quality standards and offer superior performance. A few examples of medium duty control cables are: throttle control cables, shift cables, clutch cables and brake cables. Their experienced Design Engineers can work with you to develop the right medium duty control cable to meet your design criteria.


Their extensive line of products also includes helical control cables and flex shaft control cables to meet your specialty control cable requirements. Helical cables are often used for sunroofs and flex shaft cables can be used in automotive seating, outdoor power equipment and speedometers.

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