Cable Glands feature double lamella clamping design.

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Available in M75X1.5, M90X1.5, and M110X2.0 sizes in both standard and reducer versions, SKINTOP® Cable Glands enable users to work with and secure large, heavy cables. Nickel-plated brass units support cable diameters from 2.087-3.858 in. and clamp cable at both top and bottom of gland, providing secure hold with maximum stability and strain relief protection.

Original Press Release:

Lapp Group's BIGGEST Cable Gland Introduction Ever!

With Lapp Group's innovative, double lamella clamping design, the new SKINTOP® M75X1.5, M90X1.5 and M110X2.0 sizes make working with and securing large, heavy cables much easier. Lapp Group's extended range of metric, nickel plated brass SKINTOP® glands support cable diameters ranging from 2.087-3.858 inches (53-98mm). The three new SKINTOP® sizes feature a dual clamping design that provides twice the grip and sealing area of traditional gasket designs.

By adding support and clamping the cable at both the top and bottom of the gland, the weight of large cables is better supported and distributed, providing a secure hold with maximum stability and strain relief protection. The double clamping support perfectly stabilizes and holds large cables securely in place, eliminating problems of cable leverage due to the cable's weight. As a result, assembly is much easier and stability, reliability and strain relief is ensured.

The new double lamella design is available in sizes M75X1.5, M90X1.5 and M110X2.0 in both standard and reducer version, nickel plated brass SKINTOP® MS-M/MSR-M glands and EMC protection SKINTOP® MS-M BRUSH glands.

For more information, visit or contact Lapp USA, 29 Hanover Road, Florham Park, NJ 07932; call toll free 800-774-3539.

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