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Brava!(TM) WebKit v3.1 for Documentum 4i(TM) eBusiness platform includes Publisher and Cache modules that are optimized for fast delivery of documents to Web browsers. Publisher file processing engine creates display data optimized for Web, and processes and optimizes CAD, Word and Excel files. Cache permits users to designate managed memory space in any physical location on network for optimized file access. It also controls caching policies.

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Informative Graphics Releases Brava!(TM) WebKit 3.1 Integration For Documentum 4i eBusiness Platform

New Version of Brava! Delivers Office Document Support and Scalable Web Delivery

PHOENIX, Arizona - January 15, 2002 -Informative Graphics Corporation (IGC), a leader in Web document and collaboration technology, announced the next release of its market-leading Web application development software, Brava! WebKit Version 3.1. for Documentum 4i(TM) eBusiness Platform. Informative Graphics has been a business and technology integration partner with Documentum (Nasdaq: DCTM) since 1998, when Documentum selected IGC's MYRIAD viewer for its Documentum DocViewer(TM) product. Brava! WebKit technology is currently used by more than 50 of the world's leading commercial architectural, engineering and construction project portals to give customers and their users document and drawing viewing, redlining, printing and design change-management functions.

"IGC has always delivered first-rate technology and exceptional service to both Documentum and our customers", said Steve Pattison, Vice President of Alliances for Documentum. "Brava! WebKit support for Documentum 4i reflects both companies' continued commitment to provide the best document management solutions in the world today," he added.

Brava! WebKit 3.1 for Documentum 4i now includes Publisher and Cache, two component modules that are optimized to work in tandem for fast delivery of multiple document types to Web browsers. Publisher is a file processing engine that creates display data optimized for the Web. Publisher processes and optimizes CAD drawings as well as office documents such as Word and Excel files. Multiple instances of the Publisher engine can be deployed to handle large-group access environments.

Cache permits users to designate a managed memory space in any physical location on the network for optimized file access, as well as to control caching policies. Cached document management translates to increased server-side and network response time when serving pre-processed (by Publisher) files to the browser so users see their files faster. Cache also features an API interface for easy integration into existing EDM/PDM vaults. Together, Publisher and Cache minimize the number of times a file is processed, so significant efficiency and scalability are achieved. The Brava! WebKit architecture can handle more users without having to add more servers. The net result is optimal performance at a lower cost of ownership. This is in contrast to competing products, which scale by adding more costly software and hardware servers.

"It goes without saying that providing continued support for Documentum and their customers with solid, proven technology and service is paramount for us going forward," said Gary Heath, CEO of Informative Graphics, "and we look forward to extending our already strong market position with Brava! WebKit 3.1."

About Informative Graphics Informative Graphics Corporation (IGC), founded in 1990, is a leading developer of commercial software products for Web publishing and collaboration. The company's easy-to-use products are deployed globally by end-users and OEM partners and are proven over the Web via its Application Service Provider customers.

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