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Providing SaaS-enabled platform for On-Demand market, Jaspersoft v3.5 includes in-memory analysis capabilities that seamlessly integrate into reports and dashboards, eliminating need for data warehouse or OLAP technology. Program leverages integrated analysis to provide web-based views of business data. Its architecture is designed for integration and embedding, multi-tenant administration, single sign-on authentication and authorization, and row- and column-level data security.

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Jaspersoft Expands Business Intelligence Suite with Sophisticated Integrated Analysis Capabilities

Jaspersoft v3.5 delivers new integrated analysis features that provide simple, powerful BI capabilities for even casual users, as well as a SaaS-enabled platform for the growing On-Demand market

SAN FRANCISCO, April 1 /-- Jaspersoft, provider of the world's most widely used business intelligence (BI) software, today announced the availability of Jaspersoft v3.5, which brings to market new integrated analysis capabilities as well as the industry's first software-as-a-service-enabled BI platform. With v3.5, Jaspersoft integrates a complete multi-tenant architecture, enhances user and data scalability, and provides easy-to-use integrated analysis that does not require a data warehouse or OLAP server.

Jaspersoft v3.5 introduces new in-memory analysis capabilities that seamlessly integrate into reports and dashboards, bringing the power of sophisticated data analysis technology to every kind of business user. Jaspersoft leverages integrated analysis to provide powerful, easy-to-use web-based views of business data. The new release includes management tools for scalability, and resource allocation that allow customers to optimize where analysis takes place: either by JasperServer (in-memory) or by the DBMS. By not requiring a data warehouse and OLAP technology, the integrated analysis features are accessible to organizations that might not have the IT resources to create and maintain them.

"Open Source BI tools are not only a low-cost option, they are beginning to offer greater levels of functionality to meet enterprise requirements. Jaspersoft's support for integrated analysis that make its BI suite more interactive, is one example of how they are moving up the food chain," says Wayne Eckerson, director of research at The Data Warehouse Institute.

With new SaaS-enablement features, Jaspersoft v3.5 eliminates the need for SaaS application vendors and enterprises deploying internal multi-tenant applications to "roll their own" BI functionality into solutions that require analysis and reporting. The new release features an architecture designed for integration and embedding, multi-tenant administration, single sign-on authentication and authorization, row- and column-level data security, and a broad, well-integrated BI feature set. Jaspersoft v3.5 enables the delivery of customizable SaaS and Cloud-based BI applications, with cost-effective scalability and reliability that dramatically reduce development and deployment costs.

Jaspersoft v3.5 builds on the company's extensive experience working with customers to build and deploy custom SaaS solutions. More than 50 Jaspersoft Professional Edition customers including Apparent Networks, Dynamic Healthcare Systems, EnergySys, Fat Spaniel, Monolith Software, and Strongmail have all incorporated Jaspersoft into their SaaS products. Leveraging the benefit of its open source development model, Jaspersoft aggregated the technical product requirements from these production customers to determine the optimal feature set to deliver in v3.5.

"Jaspersoft finds itself at the intersection of the SaaS world and enterprise workers who are using cloud computing and the on-demand SaaS delivery model for their most cost-effective and widely-used applications," said Brian Gentile, CEO of Jaspersoft. "With so many SaaS and OEM customers already embedding our professional edition products, we have deep knowledge of the specific technical criteria needed to develop the industry's first SaaS-enabled BI platform, which is Jaspersoft v3.5."

"Our IT outsourcer and MSP customers wanted a cost-effective way to offer their clients more flexible and dynamic delivery options with our AppCritical network performance management solution. They also wanted integrated reporting capabilities specific to how they manage their businesses," said Michael Squance, Director of Development for Apparent Networks. "To meet these requirements, we needed to quickly enhance our multi-tenant capabilities and add unique reporting features. With the native functionality that Jaspersoft v3.5 is delivering to us out of the box, we gain those features with a significantly shorter time to market. As a result, our customers can deliver AppCritical as an economical SaaS offering and easily produce key performance reports, while we can stay focused on areas in which we deliver the most value."

Other important new features in Jaspersoft v3.5 include:

-- An enhanced Web 2.0 ad-hoc report builder that includes on-the-fly transition between report types, and new public integration APIs;

-- important scalability improvements, such as proactive testing for large numbers of users and organizations, configurable in-memory vs. DBMS query processing, and enhanced query generation and results caching;

-- search-enabled user and role management pages;

-- improvements to business metadata layer domains used for ad hoc query;

-- JasperAnaysis updates, including an upgrade to Mondrian 3.0; and

-- report engine enhancements that include font extensions, multiple scriplets per report, runaway report governors and new charting features.

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