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Designed for CIOs at mid-sized to Fortune 1000 companies, IT-BOA(TM) provides clear visibility into IT ecosystem using value chain mapping with topology views, decision support for predictive analysis, and dashboard-based exception reporting. Program's ultimateCMDB manages both relational data and semantic data such as person-to-person and person-to-asset relationships. Additional capabilities include native workflow, document management, service level agreement management, and task management.

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Virima Announces General Availability of First Intelligent IT Business Operations Automation Software

New company launches with two beta customers; Board of Advisors and Board of Directors is a virtual Who's Who amongst Georgia CIOs

ATLANTA, June 17 /-- Virima Technologies, the IT Business Operations Automation company, announced today the general availability of the first automated and intelligent IT Business Operations Automation (IT-BOA(TM)) platform. Designed by CIOs for CIOs at mid-sized to Fortune 1000 companies who want to improve IT business alignment, performance and governance, the Virima IT-BOA platform enables IT executives and managers to peer deep into the enterprise IT ecosystem and turns data into actionable intelligence.

In development for two years and with two large enterprise customers currently emerging from beta status, the Virima IT-BOA platform is positioned to transform IT management from a focus on systems and networks to include people, processes, relationships and historical events using autonomic computing. With Virima IT-BOA, companies can reduce the total cost of ownership of IT management suites by 50% through its utilization of advanced technologies such as its patent-pending autonomic social discovery engine.

Virima Technologies was founded by serial entrepreneurs Palaniswamy "Raj" Rajan and Karun Rajasekharan in 2007 to revolutionize IT business operations through autonomic computing technologies. Rajan, Virima's CEO, holds three technology patents and has successfully launched and managed three technology companies over the past 15 years, including Vigilar, Inc., a leading information security technology firm, and eLaunchpad, LLC, an early-stage venture capital firm/incubator focusing on IT infrastructure and network security technologies. Rajasekharan, Virima's Vice President of Products, has over two decades of leadership and IT management experience with software vendors, most recently as director of Engineering and Product Management for Internet Security Systems. The Virima Board of Directors is comprised of former Bellsouth CIO Fran Dramis, Sanjoy Malik, a software industry entrepreneur who founded Air2Web and Synchrologic, Inc., and Rajan, who serves as Chairman of the Board.

The company's customer advisory board includes several highly knowledgeable and influential CIOs, including the award-winning Dramis, Salil Kulkarni, former CIO for John Harland & Co., Mark Ryan, former CIO of eBay, Sandy Hofmann, former CIO of Mapics, Jim Lester, former CIO of AFLAC, Kas Naderi, CIO of CompuCredit CARS division, Richard Reiner, CEO of Enomaly, Jigesh Saheba, CTO of ADP pre-employment services, and Darryl Lemecha, Senior Vice President and CIO for Vertafore Inc.

A recent study found that nearly 40 percent of large enterprises in North America do not have automated asset discovery and inventory management in place despite that IT assets are a large percentage of an organization's capital expense. This puts IT and line-of-business executives at risk for unplanned outages and unnecessary maintenance downtime, excessive support and maintenance costs, and too much asset performance data and not enough actionable business process performance information.

"IT needs to be an equal partner to the business it supports. However, since IT organizations lack a unified management platform to manage their affairs, IT personnel use archaic methods such as manual data entry or using spreadsheets to manage their most critical, tangible and costly investments," said Rajan. "Far too many organizations have fragmented IT environments, decentralized asset management, and complex and outdated IT management tools and, as a result, depend on informal and ad hoc relationships to solve problems. The most basic housekeeping function -- that of managing IT services from a business perspective -- is sorely missing in most IT organizations and that's the problem we set out to solve with Virima. The CIOs we are targeting have historically avoided moving from inefficient practices to more optimal ones because of the costs, both in acquisition and ongoing resource allocation. Virima makes these issues obsolete through a platform that is affordable and has low operational impact while making IT operations significantly more efficient."

The Virima IT-BOA platform can help CIOs of asset-intensive IT organizations solve these core challenges by providing clear visibility into the IT ecosystem and automating IT business operations. By providing the actionable intelligence that CIOs need to improve IT performance, the Virima IT-BOA platform elevates IT performance data and decision making to the business process level at one-fifth the cost of the configuration management databases (CMDBs) and business service managers solutions used today.

The Virima IT-BOA platform provides several vital services to CIOs. Chief among them, the platform defrags the IT environment to provide holistic views of the ecosystem; it recognizes that people and their relationships are an integral part of the IT landscape; and it simplifies initial and ongoing CMDB implementation processes. The platform is now available with two modules: the Business Services Manager and ultimateCMDB(TM).

The Virima IT-BOA Business Services Manager provides visibility into the IT ecosystem using value chain mapping with topology views, decision support for predictive analysis, and dashboard-based exception reporting. Behind the scenes, task and workflow management automate daily activities.

Unlike traditional CMDBs that capture only the relational data about IT assets and configuration items, the Virima IT-BOA platform's ultimateCMDB manages both relational data and the more difficult-to-capture semantic data such as person-to-person and person-to-asset relationships. Initial configuration and ongoing maintenance of the CMDB is simplified by ultimateCMDB's use of blueprints, which enable CIOs to specify what data needs to be captured for a particular asset type.

In addition to a maintaining a comprehensive IT ecosystem database, the Virima IT-BOA platform includes:

-- Autonomic Computing capabilities. Virima automates the maintenance of the CMDB, enabling IT resources to be allocated to other projects and initiatives. The self-learning capabilities of the system allow for near real-time knowledge mapping and optimal resource utilization for ecosystem data discovery.

-- Social Computing capabilities. Because IT ecosystems are dynamic and fluid and driven by people and not just technologies, the Virima IT-BOA platform includes social computing capabilities to interact with IT professionals in the manner they are accustomed to. For example, system updates and task assignments are simplified via messaging and two-way conversations.

-- Comprehensive IT-BOA Management capabilities. The Virima IT-BOA platform features native workflow, document management, service level agreement (SLA) management, task management and lifecycles. Built from the ground up to complement ultimateCMDB, it provides topology views with alerting capabilities, notifications and calls to action.

-- Best practice/industry standards support. The Virima IT-BOA platform can be configured and deployed in a manner that is consistent with the enterprise's current process maturity level and will adapt to the any growth or changes the enterprise may experience. It will support all industry standards, including COBIT, ITSM and ITIL(R).

-- Implementation and customer support. Virima IT-BOA deploys in days and the solution is implemented using Virima's Agile implementation methodology, which delivers measurable results in 30 days.

"An IT asset management/configuration management database is only as good as the information in it. Today's CMDBs only capture a part of the whole picture and require significant manual effort to keep current," said Virima CIO Advisory Board member Salil Kulkarni. "Virima's IT-BOA platform takes a giant leap ahead of the current technology by automating the process, providing clear visibility into the IT ecosystem and recognizing the impact of social interactions for improving IT business operations."

Virima's flexible licensing model enables companies to benefit from IT-BOA analytics with little initial investment. Monthly software subscriptions start at $5,000. For more information about the Virima IT-BOA platform, visit, email or call 404-969-4180.

Virima beta customers have been testing the Virima IT-BOA platform for six months. The company plans to announce these customers and several new ones as well as additional modules for the Virima IT-BOA platform in the coming weeks.

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Virima Technologies is a leading IT software development company building the world's first IT Business Operations Automation (IT-BOA) platform. Virima delivers to IT executives solutions designed by CIOs that transform the IT management function from a focus on systems and networks to include people, process relationships and histories. The Virima IT-BOA platform enables organizations to peer deep into the enterprise IT ecosystem to dramatically improve IT Business alignment, performance and governance. By providing CIOs with unprecedented visibility and automation through near real-time monitoring and analytics, Virima solutions automatically turn IT information into actionable intelligence, resulting in productivity and operational efficiency gains that can return significant savings. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Virima services organizations in North America. More information is available at

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