Business-Class Communications Suite suits B2B environments.

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Offering proactive network monitoring and management, NextPhase(SM) CONNECT services provides on-demand bandwidth allocation up to 1 Gb, QoS/guaranteed SLAs, and minimal interferences or latency effects. They offer end-to-end throughput with ability to blend wireless/WiMAX/LMDS, fiber, and satellite with customer LAN/WAN/MAN networks. Value-added business-class services, such as 4 differentiated options of VoIP and fully integrated VoIP plug-in for CRM systems, are also available.

Original Press Release:

NextPhase Wireless Introduces New Family of Services: NextPhase(SM) CONNECT

Next Generation of Business-Ready Broadband Services Include Pre-WiMAX, WiMAX, LMDS, Metro-E and VoIP

ANAHEIM, Calif., March 17 -- NextPhase Wireless, Inc. (BULLETIN BOARD: NPHS) , a nationwide developer of WiMAX-ready networks and provider of advanced wireless broadband solutions, today announced the introduction of its new family of services, NextPhase(SM) CONNECT, to better serve businesses, school districts and local agencies across the United States.

Designed to provide high-quality, reliable business-class communications, NextPhase CONNECT relies on a unique combination of licensed wireless spectrum (WiMAX and LMDS), guaranteed service levels, secure transport and key technology partnerships to deliver a robust solution for B2B environments.

Commenting on the announcement, NextPhase Wireless CEO, Robert Ford, noted, "Working with our customers to understand their needs, both today and in the future, and delivering the best available solution for their communications needs has remained a fundamental objective for NextPhase since our inception. Our team has put together a very reliable, flexible and secure suite of integrated broadband services, maximizing our assets, minimizing our customers' costs, and providing best-in-class guaranteed service levels at very competitive prices." In reference to how these services will make a difference for customers, Ford added, "I am convinced that NextPhase CONNECT has the potential to become the new market standard for next generation services in the telecommunications market; fast, reliable, secure and affordable."

This suite allows customers flexible bandwidth allocation (on-demand) up to 1Gb, QoS /guaranteed SLAs, virtually no interferences or latency effects, enhanced security/encryption, pro-active network monitoring and management, and high end-to-end throughput with the ability to blend wireless/WiMAX/LMDS, fiber and satellite seamlessly with our customers' LAN/WAN/MAN networks. In addition to enhanced broadband connectivity, NextPhase CONNECT includes value added business-class services such as four differentiated options of Voice over IP (VoIP) and a fully integrated and easy to install VoIP plug-in for Customer Relationships Management (CRM) systems.

About NextPhase Wireless, Inc.

With a mission to build a device-agnostic, WiMAX-ready, wireless broadband connectivity/content delivery platform serving all 48 contiguous U.S. states, NextPhase Wireless is focused on providing connectivity services and solutions to businesses, public school systems and local government agencies. Using licensed WiMAX and LMDS spectrum bands, the Company offers fully-integrated solutions with the highest levels of reliability, security, flexibility, scalability and price-performance. For more information, please visit

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