Bus Extender extends GPIB bus beyond 20 m limit.

Press Release Summary:

Model 4897 works with fiber-optic and metallic cables. It provides bus extension distances greater than 5,000 m and expands number of devices beyond specification limit of 14. Unit is IEEE-488.2 compliant and does not generate false replies to 488.2 FindListener protocol. Normal mode simultaneously handshakes GPIB bytes on both buses at rates greater than 80 kbytes/sec. Buffered mode transfers data to FIFO memory in remote extender at full transmission line rate.

Original Press Release:

New GPIB Bus Extender Announced by ICS Electronics

PLEASANTON, CA, February 13, 2003. Today, ICS Electronics announced a new high-speed GPIB Bus Extender, the Model 4897, that extends the GPIB bus beyond its 20 meter limit and expands the number of devices beyond the specification limit of 14 devices. The Model 4897 works with both fiber-optic and metallic cables and provides bus extension distances greater than 5,000 meters.

The 4897 Bus Extender is IEEE-488.2 compliant and does not generate false replies to the 488.2 FindListener Protocol. The FindListener Protocol is used by LabView(TM), VEE(TM) and many other programs to find instruments that are connected to the GPIB Bus. Older Bus Extenders provide false replies to the FindListener Protocol that confuses modern test application programs.

The 4897 includes interfaces for both fiber-optic and metallic cables. As such it can be used as a replacement or as an upgrade for older Bus Extenders that used either coaxial, or multimode fiber-optic cables. The 4897 also works with dual twisted shielded pair cable such as IBM Type I or Category 6 cable. The 4897 is the only IEEE-488.2 compliant Extender that works with both metallic and fiber-optic cables.

The 4897 has two data transfer modes: Normal and Buffered. The Normal mode simultaneously handshakes GPIB bytes on the both buses at rates > 80 kbytes/second for short extension distances. ICS's patented Buffered mode transfers data to a FIFO memory in the remote extender at the full transmission line rate. The 4897 transmits data bytes at rates > 600 kbytes/second for distances up to 4 km and at rates > 300 kbytes/second for distances > 4 km.

The Model 4897 is the newest member of ICS's family of Minibox GPIB products and is housed in a small 1.5" x 7" x 7" metal case. The 4897 complies with the CE requirements for sale in Europe. Its external power adapters have UL/CSA/TUV and CE approval.

Price starts at $ 995 each. Delivery is stock to 4 weeks ARO. Mating cables and BNC adapters are sold separately.

ICS Electronics is a pioneer and leader in the design and development of IEEE 488 Bus and VXIbus products. The ICS's GPIB bus products includes bus controllers, bus expanders, interface modules, OEM interface cards, and accessory products.

ICS Electronics is headquartered at 7034 Commerce Circle, Pleasanton, CA 94588. Phone (925) 416-1000. Contact Jerry Mercola, Marketing Manager for more information.

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