Bus Converter delivers 240 W in quarter-brick.

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BusQor(TM) employs synchronous rectification and achieves 96.5% efficiency at full rated load. It accepts nominal 48 V input and delivers unregulated, stepped down voltage of 12 V with 2000 Vdc input-output isolation. Unit can deliver up to 20 A at 12 Vout for total of 240 W. Module includes input under-voltage lockout, output over-voltage shutdown, short-circuit protection, thermal shutdown and is suited for applications that use 48 V (±10%) input bus.

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SynQor's Bus Converter delivers 240 Watts in Quarter-brick

Hudson, Mass - SynQor announced today an innovative "DC Transformer" or "Bus Converter" module in an industry standard quarter-brick sized package. The BusQor(TM) series is capable of
delivering up to 240 Watts of total output power at 12V, without a heatsink. The converter module employs synchronous rectification and a patented topology to achieve 96.5% efficiency
at full rated load.

The BusQor converter accepts a nominal 48V input (42V to 53V range) and delivers an unregulated, stepped down voltage of 12V (+10/-15%) with 2000Vdc input-output isolation. The quarter-brick sized units can deliver up to 20 amps at 12Vout for a total of 240 Watts of output power, resulting in power densities of 167W/in³ - up to 3 times the power level of standard quarter-bricks. Total power dissipation is a mere 9W at full load due to stunning efficiencies of up to 97%.

The BusQor product is ideal for customers who require a loosely regulated 12Vdc intermediate bus to power a variety of downstream non-isolated, point-of-load regulators. Customers can
also design their own embedded POL solutions and use the 12V BusQor to supply them with up to 240 Watts of isolated power. The module is suited ideally for computer servers, enterprise
networking equipment and other applications that use a 48V (±10%) input bus.

Cost savings can be achieved in many applications by replacing multiple 48Vin, isolated dc/dc converter bricks with low cost, non-isolated POL modules or embedded converters that are fed
from the 12V BusQor converter rail. Implementing one central point of isolation eliminates the need for individual isolation at each point of load, allowing reduced costs, greater flexibility and savings on board space.

"As distributed power architectures replace traditional systems, OEM customers are looking for a variety of options to implement low-cost, flexible DPA solutions using dc/dc converters", says
SynQor CEO, Martin Schlecht. "The BusQor converter allows designers the flexibility to take advantage of a wide range of non-isolated POL regulators or embedded chip designs."

The BusQor converter features an industry-standard quarter-brick footprint of 1.45" x 2.3", and a low profile of 0.43". Advanced control and protection features include on/off control, 2000Vdc
isolation, input under-voltage lockout, output over-voltage shutdown, short-circuit protection and thermal shutdown. The BusQor series complements SynQor's broad offering of single and dual output, high-efficiency converters that offer a unique no-baseplate, no-heatsink design.

The BusQor 12Vout quarter-brick converters are available immediately in sample quantities and will begin production volume shipping in September 2002 direct from SynQor and through their network of distributors. The modules are priced at <$60.00 in OEM quantities. For additional information contact SynQor at 888-567-9596, fax 978-567-9599, e-mail sales@synqor.com or
visit our web site for detailed datasheets at www.synqor.com.

SynQor is the technology leader in high efficiency dc/dc converters for distributed power architectures. SynQor's
products exceed the exacting performance, quality, and reliability requirements of its world-class customers. SynQor
serves the converging telecom and datacom markets with their high-efficiency PowerQor® and DualQor® families of dc/dc converters. SynQor's products are designed to meet the challenging demands of OEM engineers building today's communications infrastructure hardware. SynQor is a privately owned company headquartered in Hudson, Massachusetts with offices in Dallas, Europe, Hong Kong and Japan. More information is available on the Company's website at www.synqor.com.

BusQor, PowerQor and DualQor are trademarks of SynQor.

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