Burr Bit turns reamer into piloted chamfering tool.

Press Release Summary:

Reamer Burr-Bit eliminates additional operations involved with chamfering or deburring reamed hole. It will never leave burr pushed into hole, since reamer is used as pilot and two operations take place simultaneously. Sizes range from .116-.500 in. and 3.0-12.5 mm.

Original Press Release:

The Reamer Burr-Bit Turns Your Reamers Into Piloted Chamfering or Deburring Tools

VERNON DEVICES, INC. is proud to announce a new Reamer Burr-Bit. Designed with the principal design of their ever popular Tap Burr-Bit in mind, the Reamer Burr-Bit is specifically developed to eliminate any additional operations and costs involved with chamfering or deburring a reamed hole. Unlike chamfering a hole after the fact, the Reamer Burr-Bit will never leave a burr pushed into a hole, because the reamer is used as a pilot and the two operations take place simultaneously. Without any doubt this new tool can improve the quality of your reamed holes making your parts easier to assemble. Up until now the Reamer Burr-bit has only been supplied by special request, But now it is cataloged and available from stock in a full range of sizes from #32 (.116") to 1/2 (.500") and 3.0mm to12.5 mm. Please contact us for additional information. Vernon Devices is committed to helping metal working professionals around the world solve the complex problems of efficiently finishing holes in metal. Whether you are finishing a preexisting hole or wanting more productivity by combining machining operations: tapping and deburring, drilling and chamfering or drilling and spot-facing Vernon Devices tools will increase your efficiency and productivity. Tap into the savings that Vernon's Devices can provide for you. VERNON DEVICES, INC.; New Rochelle, NY; 888-287-7248 Phone; 914-633-0059 Fax; vernondevices.com; e-mail info@vernondevices.com

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