Burial Foot facilitates Anchor Base pole installation.

Press Release Summary:

Composite Burial Foot eliminates time required to form and pour concrete while providing sturdy, adaptable mounting base for Anchor Base poles with up to 30 ft mounting height. Made with section of 5 x 5 in. fiberglass-reinforced composite tube bonded to E-coated aluminum mounting flange, product can be supplied in 4 or 5 ft burial depth and accommodates round or square poles with or without mast arms and other attachments. Custom configurations are available.

Original Press Release:

Shakespeare Composite Structures Introduces Advanced-Design Composite Burial Foot

Shakespeare Composite Structures(TM) has announced its new, advanced design Composite Burial Foot. It makes Anchor Base pole installation easy, fast, and economical.

The foot eliminates the expense and time required to form and pour concrete, while providing a sturdy, adaptable mounting base for Anchor Base poles up to 30' mounting height. It's made of a section of 5"x5" fiberglass reinforced composite tube, bonded to a tough, E-coated aluminum mounting flange. Installation in most soils is a simple matter of augering a hole, pulling the wiring, and backfilling and tamping the fill. The direct burial burial foot competes favorably with screw-in type anchoring, and can be supplied for other manufacturers' poles.

The Composite Burial Foot accommodates round or square poles with or without mast arms and other attachments, and is ideal for use with Shakespeare Composite Structures(TM) Decorative Tuff-Poles®, or poles with shrouds. The resulting installation conforms to the same specifications as direct burial poles. The new Composite Burial Foot can be supplied in 4' or 5' burial depth, and accommodates bolt hole circles of 8" to 13". It can be supplied for 5/8", ¾" or 1" anchor bolts, and with an array of cable entrance options. Custom configurations are available.

Now a division of GenlyteThomas Group (Louisville, KY), Shakespeare Composite Structures(TM) has since the 1950's pioneered the use of fiberglass reinforced composites in lighting and utility poles. The company is the world leader in fiberglass reinforced composite utility poles.

Shakespeare Composite Structures(TM) is on the World Wide Web at www.skp-cs.com. For more information, just call. (800-800-9008).

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