Bunting to Feature Latest Products at NPE Show

NEWTON, KS - Join Bunting Magnetics Co. - and some 2,000 other exhibitors - at NPE 2006: The International Plastics Showcase for a preview of the company's latest products. Bunting will feature five versatile products or conveyor systems aimed at boosting productivity and reducing maintenance costs. Each of the items, whether new or improved, was specifically engineered to exceed Bunting's strict requirements for durability, quality, and trouble-free operation.

As always, Bunting sales representatives will be available at the Chicago-based trade show to answer questions about any company product or ongoing initiative. Visit booth 4609 in the North Hall for more information.

A sampling of the new or improved products is as follows:

o Bunting is introducing an all-new NEO FF Series Drawer Magnet that offers what it calls the most significant advance in equipment and product protection since the advent of its first widely used FF Series Drawer Magnet in 1964. Bunting's NEO Drawer Magnet features high-strength, high-temperature neodymium magnets that can capture and hold ferrous metal particles so small that equipment operators may not be able to see them with the naked eye. This exceptional level of magnetic metal separation means less downtime, as well as reduced screw wear and fewer plugged hot runner nozzles. The NEO Drawer Magnet is built with a rugged stainless steel housing for durability. It comes in a variety of sizes and can be mounted at the injector throat.

o Bunting's new integrated Grinder Feeder Conveyers catch metal contaminants in conveyed material before they damage equipment or ruin product. Grinder Feeder Conveyors combine an option-rich conveyor with an advanced tunnel-style metal detector that senses all conductive metals and features self-diagnostics for easy, reliable operation. Able to support three different metal detector styles to suit the user's specific needs, Grinder Feeder Conveyers can be customized to handle many applications. They offer up to 40-degrees of incline and are available in a variety of belt widths. Variable speed drives, optional motor starters, and additional features are available by request. Bunting's Heavy-Duty Grinder Feeder Conveyors, which are designed for use with shredders, also are available and feature many of the same premium options. The larger version comes with heavy-duty channel supports for higher discharge elevations.

o Move-It Systems(TM) conveyors are built to order but priced like stock. They come in an array of lengths and widths to custom fit your installation. Both standard and special-purpose conveyors feature sturdy construction and a simple, straightforward design that is reliable and easy to maintain. Bunting's Move-It Systems include under-the-press conveyors, incline conveyors, and paddle-wheel-type parts separators. Each is built of heavy-duty construction and designed to simplify production and maintenance. While under-the-press conveyors can do the work of two conveyors in a single unit - thanks to an angled design, incline conveyors meet the need for beside-the-press applications and feature a built-in chute to collect parts or scrap for transport. Parts separators - in a paddle-wheel design to simplify maintenance - divide parts from scrap or runners automatically.

o Low-Profile Metal Detectors provide efficient rejection of metal contaminants where headroom is limited. They can bolt directly to the infeed of processing equipment and support the weight of hoppers and bins. A fast pneumatic rejection mechanism aided by adjustable sensitivity and timing result in accurate cycling and conservation of good material.

To see photographs, dimensional drawings, and specifications for Bunting's NEO Drawer Magnets, Grinder Feeder Conveyors, Heavy-Duty Grinder Feeder Conveyors, Move-It Systems, Low-Profile Metal Detectors, or another product, visit the company's web site at

www.buntingmagnetics.com. For more information, write Bunting Magnetics Co., 500 S. Spencer Avenue, PO Box 468, Newton, KS 67114-0468; call 1-800-835-2526 (US & Canada) or 1-316-284-2020; or send e-mail to bmc@buntingmagnetics.com.

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