Bunting Europe Now Produces Magnetic Drawer Separators for the European and Middle East Markets

rkhamsted, Hertfordshire, UK – Bunting Magnetics Europe, part of the Bunting® Magnetics Group--producer of precision magnetic products for the worldwide recycling, food, printing, automobile, plastics, and electronics industries--now produces magnetic drawer separation products for the European and Middle East markets.  The Bunting FF Series and Powder FF Series Drawer Magnets provide plastics manufacturers such as plastics moulders an efficient and reliable means of ensuring that their products and equipment are not contaminated by tramp metal or shavings often found in raw plastic.  These products have been proven and enjoy extensive use in the North American market, and are now manufactured in the Eastern Hemisphere.

Commenting on the introduction, Bunting Magnetics Europe UK Sales Manager Carlton Hicks said: "Bunting produces a full range of drawer magnets for plastics manufacturing applications, as well as similar products for feed, grain, and food processing.  Our magnetic separation range includes models for every need."  Jake Hall, Bunting Europe Export Sales Manager, added: "Bunting Magnetics is known worldwide for quality and technical prowess in the magnet field."

For more than 50 years, Bunting Magnetics Co. has developed and manufactured precision magnetic products for the worldwide printing, automobile, plastics, food, electronics and recycling industries.  Bunting Magnetics Co. products serve global markets and include a broad range of magnetic materials and components, magnetic separation systems, material handling equipment, magnetic printing cylinders, metal detection equipment, bonded magnetics, and assemblies.  Bunting manufacturing facilities are located in Newton, Kansas; suburban Chicago, Illinois; DuBois, Pennsylvania; and Berkhamsted, England.  For additional information, call +1-316-284-2020 or +44 (0) 1442 875081, or log on to buntingmagnetics.com or buntingeurope.com.  Follow Bunting on Twitter (@BuntingMagCo) and LinkedIn (Bunting Magnetics Co).

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