Bundled Cable Assemblies for Hirose, IPEX, and JAE Connectors

Scottsdale, AZ – High Speed Interconnects ("HSI"), a full service extruder and assembler of high performance coaxial cable, has recently announced the capability to create endless bundled coaxial cable constructions which exceed today's complex interconnect requirements.

HSI's micro coaxial cable capabilities range from 32-48 AWG and can be bundled into high-density cable constructions in excess of 1,500 conductors, while preserving important electrical characteristics such as impedance, capacitance and insertion loss. All micro coaxial assemblies can be terminated to a variety of high-performance connectors, flexible circuits/PC boards, and other fine wire terminations down to 0.175 mm pitch.

These bundled, multi-conductor, micro coaxial cable assemblies are ideal for medical imaging systems, measurement systems, tablets, transportation, robotics, high definition cameras, LVDS, or other high-density applications where miniaturization, routability and flexure are a must.

For more details, or to get a quotation on your next bundled assembly, visit www.highspeedint.com

About High Speed Interconnects

High Speed Interconnects (HSI) is a designer, extruder, and manufacturer of custom micro-coaxial and coaxial cable assemblies. Headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ, and with facilities in Portland, OR, HSI is one of a few manufacturers extruding its own high-performance coaxial cable and is the exclusive cable assembly manufacturer using a new expanded PTFE (ePTFE) called VP90™. HSI's low-loss, low-capacitance, phase-stable, coaxial interconnect solutions are available in a variety of cable constructions. These constructions include circular and micro-coaxial cable assemblies down to 0.3 mm pitch and fine wire, direct-to-board assemblies down to 0.175 mm. For more information, visit www.highspeedint.com.

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Antonio De La Rosa

High Speed Interconnects



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