Bulkflow Heat Exchanger Technology for Cooling or Heating Sugar, Salt and a Wide Variety of Other Food Products Shown for First Time at Process Expo 2007, Las Vegas Convention Center, October 15-17, 2007, Booth #S-6449

September, 2007

CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA - Bulkflow Technologies Inc. will showcase for the first time at Process Expo 2007 its Bulkflow Heat Exchanger technology for indirect heating and cooling of free flowing powder and bulk solids at Booth #S-6449 in Las Vegas, Nevada, October 15 to 17, 2007 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Process Expo 2007 is co-located at the convention center with Pack Expo.

The specialists in heating and cooling powder and bulk solids, Bulkflow Technologies has numerous applications in salt, sugar and other segments of the food industry. The technology is being used by several producers and marketers of salt products in North America to uniformly cool salt leaving a drying operation or to more uniformly warm salt for stronger pellets. It is also been established as a proven and effective method of cooling sugar crystals before storage and packaging, with several installations worldwide. In the sugar industry, it can be installed as a primary or secondary cooler. Both the salt and sugar applications are readily adaptable to plant retrofits.

Other food industry applications include heating or cooling starch, dextrose, rice, vitamins, cocoa products, corn flour, corn meal or corn germ, coffee, oats or groats, pet and animal food, soybeans, oilseed and wheat or corn germ just to name a few.

A highlight of the Bulkflow Technologies Booth #S-6449 at Process Expo 2007 will be a working model of the heat exchanger. Especially adapted for Process Expo 2007, the free demonstration will show the principles of the technology and explain how the technology works. Handout material on the numerous benefits the technology offers will also be available.

About the Bulkflow Heat Exchanger

The Bulkflow Heat Exchanger is a sophisticated combination of the two sciences of indirect heat transfer and mass flow of bulk solids. The high efficiency technology offers numerous benefits over traditional fluid bed or rotary drum cooling methods and makes the Bulkflow equipment "environmentally friendly."

A unique piece of equipment, the Bulkflow Heat Exchanger consists of a series of several closely spaced hollow, fully welded heat exchanger plates. Food product moves slowly by gravity between the plates in mass flow. Cooling or heating media circulates internally between the plates' dimples and counter-current to product flow for higher thermal efficiency.

A mass flow discharge feeder controls the product flow rate and regulates throughput. Equipment is enclosed in a totally sealed unit to provide better control of food grade products and to eliminate any concern for dirt or contamination.

Unlike many other types of bulk solid coolers, the Bulkflow system does not
require large volumes of air to operate and instead lets gravity do the work to greatly reduce power consumption. Each application is tailored to meet individual food manufacturing requirements.

Other benefits of the technology include zero air emissions, high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption, modular construction for easy expansion, a compact design that fits into tight spaces and lower installed capital cost. A gentle improved product flow prevents product attrition, the potential for caking in storage and improved packaging. Safe and compact, the Bulkflow Heat Exchanger easily integrates with existing equipment.

Bulkflow has more than 250 successful applications in more than 30 countries worldwide. Besides food products, other applications include chemicals, fertilizers, plastics and resins, polymers, detergents, catalysts, minerals, grains and biosolids.


Bulkflow was formed in 1999 but their patented heat exchanger technology was
created almost 20 years before in 1986 when an engineer at the Cominco Fertilizer
plant near Calgary, Alberta, Canada invented a better way to cool granular fertilizer.

With headquarters in Calgary, Bulkflow Technologies distributes its technology
through a network of strategically located offices and sales representatives located throughout North America. The company also has subsidiary operations in Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands and The United Kingdom to serve the European market. Asia, South America and many other countries are serviced through local representatives.

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