Bulk Powder Cooling System provides zero emissions.

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Equipped with tube exchanger that minimizes thermal stress and accommodates thermal expansion, Bulk Powder Cooling System cools bulk solids with temperatures up to 1,832°F. Bulk powder flows via gravity over water-cooled tubes. Geometry of tubes is uniform with even temperatures throughout tube wall to avoid hot spots and high local stresses. Integrating with existing equipment, system helps prevent product attrition and caking.

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Bulkflow Technologies Introduces a New High Temperature Bulk Powder Cooling System with Innovative Tube Exchanger

Contact: Marcy Schatschneider marcys@bulkflow.com (403) 254-3500


CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA -- Bulkflow Technologies Ltd has introduced a new high temperature bulk powder cooling system with an innovative tube exchanger that minimizes thermal stresses and accommodates thermal expansion.

The new high temperature model cools bulk solids with temperatures up to 1832° F (1000°C). For these very high temperatures, Bulkflow developed a system using horizontal water-cooled tubes as the heat exchange surface. Bulk powder flows via gravity over the cooling tubes while indirectly cooled. The geometry of the tube is perfectly uniform with even temperatures throughout the tube wall to avoid hot spots and high local stresses.

Several industries process very high temperature bulk solids, such as pyrometallurgical processes for metal recovery, reactor discharges in the petrochemical industry and boiler ash in fluid bed combustion chambers.

Equipment Details
The tubes are arranged in a serpentine design connected to manifolds at the top and bottom of each section. The tubes penetrate the front and back wall of the exchanger, with all welded connections outside of the product flow. The tubes are not welded to the front and back wall to allow full movement. A product seal where the tube penetrates the front and back wall prevents product leakage. The front and back wall is typically refractory lined on the inside (product side) to keep the temperature of the walls low minimizing thermal expansion.

The Bulkflow Advantage
The technology combines zero emissions, lower energy consumption and lower capital costs with exceptional results. Benefits include a gentle, improved product flow to prevent product attrition, prevention of potential caking in storage and slower degradation and speed time to packaging. Safe and compact, the system easily integrates on line to existing equipment.

For large capacities, the heat exchanger can be of modular construction with multiple banks mounted directly in series to achieve the full thermal duty. A combination unit with plate design is also optional for lower temperature.

Bulkflow was formed in 1999, but their patented heat exchanger technology was created almost 20 years before in 1986, when an engineer at the Cominco Fertilizer plant near Calgary, Alberta, Canada invented a better way to cool granular fertilizer. With headquarters in Calgary, Bulkflow Technologies has a network of strategically located sales representatives. The company also has subsidiary operations in Germany and Belgium to serve the European market.

For more information on Bulkflow Technologies and the Bulkflow High Temperature Cooling System, contact Bulkflow Technologies at 3122-114 Avenue S.E., Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2Z 3V6 or call (403) 254-3500; Toll Free: (866) 379-3500; Fax: (403) 254-3501 or e-mail info(5)bulkflow.com. Bulkflow Technologies can also be found on the web at www.bulkflow.com.

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